How to Save a Twitter Header and Tips to Choose The Best One

Twitter offers several ways to customize your profile. You can change your display picture, add a header and write a snappy bio to introduce yourself to your followers. All of this enables you to create a profile that stands out from the crowd. 

However, often you may come across an eye-catching header on the platform and wonder how to use it for your profile. To do that, you need to first save it. Let’s find out how to save Twitter header on your device for later use:

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How to Save Twitter Header

Saving a Twitter header is not difficult and you can simply do so by following the steps given below:

To save Twitter header on your computer: 

  1. Open your Twitter account 
  2. Go to your profile from the menu on the left (or to the profile of the one whose header you would like to save)
  1. Right-click on the header and click save image as
  1. Input a file name and save the image on your computer

To save a Twitter header on your mobile device:

  1. Open your Twitter application 
  2. Go to a profile (yours or anyone else’s)
  1. Long-press on the Twitter header 
  2. Click on the three vertical dots and click save
  1. The Twitter header will save on your device 

Now, this is a pretty easy way to save a Twitter header on your computer or mobile device. You can collect pictures you like in this way and use them later. Moreover, you can save the images used for Twitter header, in case you have lost the original file without having to search for it again.

If you are not able to save the banner in this way, here is another way on how to save the Twitter header. 

  1. On your Twitter profile using the web browser, right-click on the Twitter header and select inspect 
  1. Click on the Network tab and then reload the page
  1. Under name, you will find all the images for your Twitter profile
  2. Select an image and check its preview
  1. Right-click on the image and select save image as, to save it on your computer

Using this method, you will definitely be able to save any Twitter header on your computer. 

How to Get The Perfect Twitter Header?

An eye-catching Twitter photo and header can make all the difference to your profile. To get your header right, you should know the specifications allowed by Twitter:

  • Choose an image file size of 2 MB for the banner
  • Ensure the image dimensions are 1500px by 500 px
  • The aspect ratio should be 3:1
  • Image formats allowed for Twitter header include JPG, PNG or GIF

If you still can’t get the Twitter header right or are unable to find the perfect picture, then you can use one of the rightly-sized Twitter header sets to beautify your profile. 

Profile customization on Twitter is not difficult. However, sometimes, you may face dimension issues. With the tips in this article, we hope these issues will be resolved for you. Go on, find the perfect banner that defines your presence on Twitter or save one and customize your profile to stand out. 

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