How to Fake Your Location on Twitter

When you tweet, you have the option of tagging your location. If you have enabled settings to include location in your tweets, then also, your precise location would be visible on your tweets. 

However, if you want to hide your location, you can simply uncheck those settings or fake a location on Twitter. There are several advantages to adding a fake location on Twitter. Let’s talk about those first. 

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Reasons To Fake Location On Twitter

There are several reasons you may want to fake your location on Twitter. It could be:

To Keep Personal Information Private

Twitter, like other social media platforms, tracks your IP address and location. Social media sites then use this information to enhance your user experience by making suggestions according to your location. By faking your location on Twitter, you may be able to protect your personal information to some extent. 

To Make New Friends

When your location on Twitter gets tracked, it is also used to recommend new connections  to you depending on the location, similar interests and hashtags. By faking your location, you may be able to get different suggestions, helping you to meet people from diverse backgrounds. 

To Prank Your Friends

You can spoof your location on Twitter, also to prank your friends or family. When you use a fake location on your tweet, you can convince people you’re on vacation or they may assume themselves that you’re taking a trip. 

How To Fake Location on Twitter

Now, you must be wondering how to fake your location on Twitter. First, you must know how you can add a location to your tweets. 

On your profile, go to the tweet option and click the location icon. 

To enable location settings for your tweets. Follow these steps:

  1. On your profile, go to settings and privacy 
  1. Select privacy and safety
  1. Click location information under Data sharing and off-twitter activity 
  1. Check the box on Add location information to your tweets

To fake your location on Twitter, you can use one of the applications that enable you to select another location in place of yours. To spoof your location on iOS you can install and use AnyGo while for android one of the top-rated apps is Fake GPS. 

These apps among others can easily help you hide your original location and instead use a dummy location where you are not actually tweeting from.

Furthermore, there are several benefits of enabling location settings on Twitter. When you go to explore settings under location information, you can choose settings to find out what’s happening around you as well as enable personalization. 

With personalization enabled, you will get trend suggestions based on your location and who you follow on twitter. 

This is great way to find out about new happenings and trends where you live and grow your circle. On the other hand, a fake location on Twitter can help you maintain your privacy, play some jokes with friends and family and explore new trends based on your hoax location.

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