How Notifier Got Started

Grep Reddit

Notifier was originally a command line tool called Grep Reddit created by one of our founders, years ago that he created to help promote and generate leads for a project he was working on.

That project was ultimately successful and using Grep Reddit to drive traffic to it was one of the key pieces of that success.

Later when looking for what to work on next Tim realized it might be time to launch “Grep Reddit” as a web application so others could benefit from social listening on Reddit.

Notifier for Reddit

The beta version of Notifier for Reddit was launched! Tim launched Notifier for Reddit and then didn’t work on it for a year! 🤦

It turns out though that Tim had connected with our other founder, Lily, and they were actually busy working together on a bunch of other projects. Eventually those projects failed and Tim and Lily started looking for something to work on next. 🤣

Amazingly, during this time Notifier for Reddit continued to grow on its own. Tim eventually logged into the Notifier Stripe account and was amazed to find that it was already generating more than $300 in Monthly Recurring Revenue all on its own!


Lily then had the idea that they should expand Notifier for Reddit to cover more platforms, drop the “for Reddit”, hire a small team and make massive improvements to the UX. Notifier was born!

Our Core Team

Lily Kahler – CEO, Co-Founder, and Chief Data Officer

Lily’s background in building and managing Data Science & Analytics teams for Fortune 500 companies is extremely valuable to Notifier, which is itself a major data analytics product!

Lily also helped code much of the initial frontend for Notifier and helped design our matching and data science algorithms.

Lily lives in Austin and splits her time between taking her dog to the dog park and trying out new restaurants.

Timothy Bramlett – Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

Timothy is a former Senior Software Engineer turned Product Manager with a background in building Product Teams for Fortune 100 Tech companies.

Before donning the black turtleneck of Product Management Timothy had a background in distributed computing and parallel programming specifically to crunch large datasets at scale.

Timothy designed and manages work on the parallel processing and matching engine that allows Notifier to crawl through massive datasets at near real-time speeds.