We Added Thousands of New Sites to Notifier (and Even More are Coming)

We added thousands of new sites to our “News and Blogs” database!

We started doing it manually, then we automated it

Originally we had someone manually recording in a Google Sheet a huge list of known Blogs and News sites.

Then we thought, “Hey this is crazy, we are programmers, can’t we code something to do this for us?”

So, then we did. And we are not done yet.

Notifier will soon be able to find new News and Blog feeds on its own

Actual footage of Notifier crawling the internet looking for new sites

Soon Notifier will gain the ability to automatically discover and add additional News and Blog Sites to our system.

We believe this will give us the largest database of News and Blog feeds on the internet.

And remember, we do not just check what is in the RSS feed. Notifier actually visits each and every article in the feed and get the full content (unlike a lot of other tools).

We will be adding the functionality to view a list of all the sites we support

We will be adding a page in the Notifier dashboard that shows a list of all the sites we crawl and their current status. We will also make it possible to easily add a new site if we do not already support it.