How to Find Your Reddit Mentions When You’re Not Tagged

Reddit is an interesting place to be, especially for social media marketers. Referred to as the “front page to the internet” it has hundreds and thousands of communities for everything imaginable under the sun. 

From sports to animals, humor to parenting, and many other hobbies and interests. According to Reddit’s website, there are more than 100K active communities where users engage with enthusiasm.

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How to properly Tag someone on Reddit 

You may come across several interesting things on subreddits and think of sharing with other users.

To tag someone on Reddit you can simply type u/ followed by their username:

In the same way, when someone tags you on Reddit you will be notified. That makes it easy to view the tag and take prompt action on it. 

How to Find Your Mentions When You Haven’t Been Tagged

There is also the very high chance that someone may mention you or your brand on Reddit without tagging you.

In that case, you may never know what someone may have said about your brand! 

Savvy marketers know the importance of conversations happening on Reddit and use those mentions to their advantage to market their brand. 

Notifier helps you find those mentions so that you’re able to respond quickly or take prompt action.

To find out how you can know when someone mentions you without tagging you properly, here is a quick video tutorial for you:

Or you can follow the steps below to find out about Reddit mentions without being tagged:

  1. With your Notifier account, click on Add Searcher
  1. Select Reddit in the social platforms section
  1. Next, select how you would like to be alerted under Alert me Via 
  1. Then select when you’d like to be alerted (instantly or daily) under Alert me When

Next, under Search For type your username or brand name in Search String 

Lastly, click on Add Searcher and it will start showing you results as they come in the search

Benefits of Reddit Monitoring 

Tools like Notifier that help you monitor your social mentions effectively are important for your brand. If you’re not monitoring your social mentions on Reddit, you may be missing out on many opportunities. 

People will inevitably talk about your brand and if their review is positive, it could mean new customers and more revenue. 

However, on the other hand, if they’re complaining, it will leave a bad reputation for your brand and since you haven’t been tagged and you’re not monitoring your socials, you can’t fix the situation. 

If you’re on top of those conversations through social monitoring using tools like Notifier, you can act quickly to respond, clear the air and engage with potential customers. 

Best Ways to Respond to Social Mentions 

Now, that you understand the importance of social monitoring for your brand and how tools like Notifier can help you track social mentions where you are not tagged, here are some ways you can respond to them. 

Social monitoring gives you an opportunity to interact with potential customers who have become interested or aware of your brand. Here are three ways you can respond:

Acknowledge Them 

If someone has mentioned your brand on Reddit, you can go ahead and acknowledge them. People love talking about their favorite brands online and putting up pictures. 

Taking the time to acknowledge them by liking their post/comment or leaving them a thoughtful reply can help your brand image and help build loyalty. People like it when they feel heard/seen by their favorite brands online. 

Respond to Feedback 

Your customers may have feedback for you and they may be putting it out online. In most cases, customers tag the brand to let them know about improvements. 

However, if they haven’t and you’re tracking your social mentions, you can quickly respond to their feedback, suggestions, and improvements. 

A lot of times it proves beneficial for brands to take customer feedback into account. This is especially true for SaaS products as you’re only as good as the value you bring for your customers. 

Address a Bad Experience 

Customers usually share their bad experiences online as a way to vent. However, if you become aware of such a comment through social monitoring, the best way to respond is to take the conversation up, whether privately, and resolve their issue. You can win a customer back if you do it right. 

It’s important to know what people are saying about you online in Reddit communities. By using Notifier to track mentions, you can improve your marketing strategy and connect with your customers better. Let us know how you use social monitoring for your brand?

How Do Reddit Communities Work?

Reddit communities are goldmines of discussion and information. Users post in communities of their interests, which then get upvoted and downvoted by other users. Naturally, the upvoted posts reach the top while others are buried down. 

“Redditors” as Reddit users are called are passionate about their communities. Referred to as subreddits, they can have their own rules, and not abiding by them can get you banned from that particular subreddit. 

There are private Reddit communities as well, which have an admission process. By subscribing to a subreddit, you will be able to view the posts on your Reddit homepage.

Top 10 Reddit Communities 

With 52 million active daily users imagine the number of conversations happening on Reddit in a day. Apart from announcements which has 135m subscribers the top 10 most popular subreddits are:

  1. Funny
  2. AskReddit
  3. Gaming
  4. Aww
  5. Music
  6. Pics
  7. Worldnews
  8. Science
  9. Todayilearned
  10. Movies

Since there is a subreddit for everything some of the other interesting ones include showerthoughts, askscience and todayilearned which lie in the top 20. 

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