Twitter Taking Too Long to Load? Here’s What You Can Do About It.

Have you been feeling frustrated with Twitter? Refreshing the timeline is taking too long and the images are not loading properly? All of it makes you wonder why does Twitter take so long to load. 

Worry not! There could be multiple reasons behind the problem and we’re here to help you fix that. 

Reason #1: Twitter Servers May Be Down

One of the first reasons why Twitter is taking too long to load could be its servers undergoing a problem or maintenance. You can check the website status and behavior from a third-party website like Downdetector. In this case, you can’t do much but wait.

Reason #2: Your Twitter App May Not Be Updated 

In most cases, an updated app runs smoothly. Developers roll out frequent updates, which resolve minor bugs and other problems. If you’re wondering why Twitter takes so long to load on your device, check for updates and make sure the latest Twitter version is installed.

To check for updates on android:

  1. Open the play store 
  2. Go to your profile menu from the top-left corner and then go to manage apps & device
  1. Under manage find Twitter and update it or click on updates available

Reason #3: Corrupted Cache or Cookies

Browsers usually save cookies and cache from frequently visited websites to load them faster. However, if this browsing data gets corrupted it could be one of the reasons why Twitter is taking too long to load. Try clearing the cache to load your timeline faster. 

For the web browser:

  1. Hit ctrl+ H on your browser
  2. Click on clear browsing data from the left-side panel
  1. Select All time in the time range 
  2. Check Cached images and files and Cookies and other site data
  1. Click clear data

On your android device:

  1. Go to settings and then apps & notifications
  1. Under apps select Twitter 
  1. Go to storage and then tap on clear cache

Reason #4: Using Browser Extensions

While browser extensions are installed to improve functionality on websites, these third-party apps could also add extra load on the browser causing it to slow down. You can turn these off and see if it makes a difference. 

How to turn off browser extensions:

  1. Access settings on your browser
  1. Click on extensions
  1. Turn off browser extensions

Reason #5: Using a VPN on Your Device

VPNs let you navigate the net by keeping your identity private and data protected. However, sometimes they can also lead to complications. VPNs can interfere with the network functions and slow down your device. If you’re facing a lag in loading your Twitter timeline, consider turning the VPN off on your device.

Reason #6: A Slow Internet Connection

If you’re still wondering why Twitter takes so long to load on your browser or mobile device, perhaps it’s time to check your internet speed. A slow connection may be slowing the loading speed. 

You can check your network speed through In case it’s slow restart your network device. If the connection is still slow, contact your service provider for possible solutions. 

These could be some of the reasons why Twitter takes so long to load. However, by ruling out the possibilities you can get to the bottom of the problem and enjoy a quick loading. 

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