How to Change Your Profile Picture on Twitter

Your profile picture is a defining feature of your Twitter profile. It gives a face to your tweets and lets people know who’s behind them. Having said that, everyone wants to put their best picture out there and if you’re wondering how to change profile picture in Twitter, follow these easy steps given below:

Step 1: Go to your Twitter profile by logging in on

Step 2: Click the “profile” tab and then click on “edit profile”

Step 3: Next click on the profile picture icon and select any image from your computer

Step 4: Once you’ve selected the perfect picture for your Twitter profile you can click on “save” 

That’s how to change profile picture in Twitter. Now wasn’t that easy? You can change your profile picture in the same way through your ios or android as well. 

Benefits of a Good Twitter Profile Picture

There are several benefits to selecting the best picture for yourself or your brand. Firstly, it helps to create your brand identity online. 

When you tweet, people will start forming an association of your Twitter profile picture with your account and it will make it easier for them to remember you. Secondly, giving a face to your tweet also makes it easier to bond with your audience. 

Having a profile picture on Twitter that stands out will help create trust with your followers that will eventually lead to building your online community. When people can associate a face or logo with the tweets, it makes it easier for them to create trust with that account, as opposed to one without a profile picture or a bad one.

Wondering how to best show yourself to the world? Find out some tips below.

Tips For The Perfect Twitter Profile Picture 

To show your best self online on Twitter, here are some tips for your profile picture to stand out:

  • If you are an individual, make sure your face is clearly visible 
  • If you’re a brand, your profile photo should connect with your brand image. Most likely use a picture of your logo or one that best shows what your brand is about
  • Twitter recommends dimensions of 400 x 400 pixels for your profile photo
  • Your picture should be bright and visible, not dark, blurry and shabby-looking
  • The maximum file size allowed to upload a picture as a profile photo is 2 MB
  • Make sure you update the banner on your Twitter profile as well, also known as a header image
  • The allowed file formats are JPEG, PNG and GIF

To further optimize your Twitter profile photo make sure you have a header image, a clear bio, and your best tweet pinned to the top. Posting consistently is another tip for a Twitter profile that gets attention.

You don’t want followers who stumble on your profile through your tweets and profile pic only to find out you haven’t posted in days. Having an active Twitter profile is the only way to connect with more people and gain a following. 

Do you have suggestions for the perfect Twitter profile picture? Share with us in the comments below.

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