Is it Worth it to Launch on Beta List in 2021?

Note: This article is in active development and I will be adding more to it as we go.

I found out about from an absolutely excellent article about various places to post your startup.

Betalist is technically for products that have not launched yet or have launched recently. I decided to submit Notifier though since we recently re-launched/re-branded as Notifier now that we are supporting more platforms and pivoting to support much more than just Reddit. We will see what they think.

I went through their signup process which involved signing in with your Twitter account (required and a bit of a weird model to me).

I then filled out their forms which was an easy enough process:

I toyed with the idea of offering a temporary discount to betalist users but ultimately decided not to as we not have built discount functionality into our platform.

I also uploaded some recent visuals of our new UI. One cool thing about their platform is that you can upload GIFs. I decided against this in the end but I think this could be a valuable thing to do.

Finally, I submitted under the free plan for now. I decided on the free plan simply because I cannot find enough evidence that the pay plan was worth it for people who paid for it. We may ultimately decide to do it and at the very least we could pass our results on to others.

I hit the submit button on Wed March 10th early in the morning CST.

Developing Story…More Coming Soon!