The Best Startup Directory Sites to Submit Your Startup to in 2022

We decided it was time to finally get serious about Marketing Notifier so we sat down and came up with a marketing plan. As part of that marketing plan we decided to submit Notifier to every startup directory site we could find.

Luckily, someone had already done our work for us and we found this article on the 100 sites to submit your start-up to.

Out of 100 planned sites we submitted Notifier to about 20 sites.

So in the end we found around 20 valid sites to submit Notifier to. Keep in mind we are a SaaS Web Application And a majority of the list in the article we found are for android or iOS apps.

The rest of the list was whittled down by the fact that a lot of the sites are simply not working properly or are completely down.

Don’t post a link without a way to measure the results of it.

For every link we put on one of the directories sides we going to be including a “special” link with a referral code in it so we can see in our Google analytics when people visit from that link.

Also our application does track and extract these codes from the query strings of most pages users could visit. Then we store that tracking code so that if they do signup we know how they most recently got to us.

For example for BetaList I will be putting this:

How were the results?

Well, the results are still developing but we started this process on March 10, 2021 and so far we haven’t seen any real serious results or traffic spike.

Now, you need to also keep in mind that a lot of these sites have not approved our submissions yet and that process can apparently take weeks or maybe even months. Also, we haven’t yet re-launched on some of the biggest sites sites which are Product Hunt, Hacker News, and possibly BetaList

Should you pay for any of the sites?

Definitely not!

We got very curious and so we decide to pay for one site:

While we got a few hundred additional visits from BetaPage we saw no signups from it and no real results. They also give you a link that is NOFOLLOW so it’s not like you are getting a good link from them.

So, with all that in mind we highly advise not paying for any of these sites. It’s simply not worth it and your money would be better spent elsewhere.

If you know a good site we forgot please let us know in the comments

We would love to check it out!

The List

1. BetaList

Price: Free
Link Type:

This one is till still developing. You can read our article about it here.

2. Product Hunt – Waiting

Price: Free
Link Type:

We have launched on product Hunt before but that was when we were “Notifier for Reddit”. For that reason we decided to re-launch on Product Hunt but we will be doing it last after we have learned as much as possible from these other launches.

3. Hacker News – Waiting

Price: Free
Link Type:

We will be waiting to relaunch on hacker news as soon as we are done with the other launches in this list.

Want to get Notified if your startup/brand is mentioning on Hacker News? Check our out tool!


Price: Free
Link Type:

We had actually launched on this website before and since they provided the option we decided to update our information to reflect our new name of Notifier. The process went pretty smoothly.

5. SignUpFirst – Down

Price: N/A
Link Type:

This site is completely down and so we were not able to register for it.


Price: $1.99
Link Type: Unknown

I was not super impressed with the look of the site or the fact that their HTTPS was not working when I first visited the site.

In the end though I decided to go ahead and sign up for them given the fact that they were recommended By the above article and because they had a decent domain rating on AHRefs.

It also seemed like they no longer had a free plan but I instead was forced to pay around two dollars to get submitted.

Normally I wouldn’t deal with this but I decided to just go ahead and pay it. If I get no results then maybe you all will know and can avoid spending anything on this site!

7. Launching Next – Up but not able to submit

Price: FREE?
Link Type:

I was actually amazed at how slowly the site loaded. However maybe that was an isolated incident. I kept getting cloudflare error message so that definitely did not inspire confidence.

Also there seemed to be something seriously wrong with their font formatting:

I checked their domain rating on ahrefs and it was honestly not much higher than Notifiers. Their traffic stats were also not impressive. Still, I decided to unenthusiastically proceed on and get our site submitted.

And of course, in the end the form was unable to submit!

8. BetaPage

Price: Free but does offer a paid plan of $98.

So this site actually reached out to us through our Live Chat!

I honestly was not super impressed with their sign up flow or user interface as I felt it was a little bit clunky and not intuitive. However in the end everything worked fine and we got our start up submitted.

For now, we decided to go with their Free Plan As I thought they were paid listing price was a bit expensive for a site with their stats.

Update 2021-03-22:

We actually decided in the end to try the Paid BetaPage plan. How did our results go? Well, let’s take a look. We launched on BetaPage on Tuesday 2021-03-16. Now 7 days later we can measure our results.

We got 35 upvotes on BetaPage:

This seems pretty decent overall. However that only translated to 101 visits from their site. And no one signed up because of BetaPage.

Also keep in mind that BetaPage does not give out DOFOLLOW backlinks. They are all NOFOLLOW.

Final Recommendation: Skip. Honestly, we do not see a lot of point in even bothering with Peter page. They hardly drive any traffic and do not give out DOFOLLOW backlinks. Definitely DO NOT try their paid plan and we advise to just skip them altogether.

9. All Startups Info

Price: Free
Link Type:

We submitted our start up to the site and it took several months for it to post. But in the end it was free and seems like a decent site! Note that there is no way to change your information without emailing them.

Another strange thing is that their contact form does not seem to work at all so there may be no current way to contact them.

10. The StartupINC

Price: Free
Link Type:

You can submit your startup very easy at this website. Basically in the main webpage you can hit submit your start up and then it brings a form that you can fill out the information specific to your company. Fishing at this website it would cost you $20.

At first I tried to submit a start up using the web form however the spinner keep going on forever and I decided to fill the form using the google form.

After using the Google form I was able to submit our start up and get the confirmation. Play I am waiting for the email from them indicating that my start up has been submitted or being accepted.

11. StartupBuffer

Price: Free
Link Type:

Really liked this website because it was very intuitive and it worked flawless. basically in the front page you can click on submit your start up bottom and fill out a form and submit it. Super easy and a great user experience.

After you submit the form it may take one or two months to get a valuated and get published either if you are in Harry and would like to see your results faster you can pay the other planning. I decided to wait a month or two rather than pay.

12. Vator 

Price: ?
Link Type:

Initial thought when I visited the main landing page of VatorNew but it’s kind of hard for me to find where can I find submit your start up area.

Honestly I still have not figured out yet. If you know where can I find and submit my start up page on this website please feel free to send me an email and let me know. But for now I’m passing from this website and going to the next one to submit my start up.

13. – Not Relevant

Link Type:

At first inside I like the main landing page because it direct you where you need to go and you don’t have to dig around and explore where to get started.

Hit get started but I’m in their page it will take you to the questions one by one and that you will select what is it specific to your company. Say this website is mainly for you to raise funds or find some cofounders and etc. rather than submitting your start up and posting about what it is about.

I think I will pass and I will not go through the questions since we are not looking for additional funds or members to add I am more looking for submitting our start up the website and get more audience.

14. StartupLift

Price: Free
Link Type:

I really like this website because it takes you straight where are you need to be to submit your start up. It was a small amount of questions I had to answer about our start up and after you submit you can expedite the process of getting reviewed by this website by paying a small fee. I did not pay that fee so let’s see how long does it take for our start up to go online.

15. TechPluto

Price: Free
Link Type:

Personally I’m not a big fan of the coloring of the main landing page of this website but I like how simple it is and direct you where you need to be.

It was less than 15 questions that I went through and when I was about to hit submit it gives me two options for free or priority pass. I decided to go with a free submission and see how long does it take.

16. listio – Down

Price: ?
Link Type:

Booooooooooooo. The website is down!! No choice but passing this website.

17. Startup Benchmarks – Not Appropriate

Link Type:

It is not for me since my purpose is submitting I would say this is mainly for start up to get some inside and benchmark through their business.

18. OntheApp – Down

Link Type:

And here is another site that is down I’m not sure if they’re still in business or not but we have to pass since you cannot do anything about it.

19. Ziipa – Down

Link Type:

That but it’s another website that is down. I hope they’re still in business but it’s just our website error. Fingers crossed.

20. AppVita

Price: Free
Link Type:

It took me a minute or two to spot where I can submit our application but finally I found it so basically you need to email them. I am going to email them and hopefully I get a response back regarding notifier.

21. Pocket full of Apps – Not Relevant for us

Price: Free?
Link Type:

This is an interesting website because you can get free stuff or get a good promo code to use apps as a consumer. The catch is you need to have a promo code + app on App Store. We do not have any application in iOS or android yet so we cannot use this website.

22. Superb Crew

Price: Paid Only
Link Type:

What is a pager website that you can submit your start up or stories. I found them a little bit too pricey so I’m going to pass and not go through submission.

23.  iamwire

Price: Free
Link Type:

Are you can write guest poster and content regarding your start up and that is how you can submit your start up to them and get published. Our team will contact them we had a form and submit a guest post.

24. Tech in Asia

Price: Paid Only
Link Type:

This is another website that basically you have to pay in order to advertise or submit your start up to them. After looking at their prices I think I will pass for now.