How To See How Many People Blocked You on Twitter

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Twitter is a budding social media platform that allows you to connect to your followers and interact with them on a real-time basis.

But are you being excluded from certain news or announcements?

This might be because the person has blocked your account on Twitter. Blocking your account refrains you from viewing their tweets or sending direct messages to them. Here are a few steps to find out if someone has blocked your account:

STEP 1: Open the Twitter app on your phone or access your account through the website 

STEP 2: In the search box, enter the name of the profile that you suspect might have blocked you.

STEP 3: If the respective person has blocked you, you wouldn’t be able to view their profile. Instead, the screen will display the message ‘You are blocked’.


Similarly, you can verify all the suspected accounts and make a list of the people who have blocked you on Twitter.

Also, there is a website called Blolook, which directly informs you how many people have blocked your account on Twitter. For that, you need to open the website and log in to your Twitter account.


After the authorization is completed, it shows the desired results.


However, if the account that has blocked you is not connected with Blolook, that account won’t be counted. Therefore, it is better to use the manual method of inspecting the suspicious accounts and finding out how many people have blocked you on Twitter!