How To Hide Likes on Twitter

Twitter is one of the most used social platforms with approximately 290 million active users worldwide, projected to increase to 340 million by 2024. While it’s a great way to express your thoughts and opinions, it can often become uncomfortable and you may want some privacy. 

For one, your Twitter likes could be attracting unwanted attention. When you like a tweet, it is visible to not just your followers but non-followers, unless your profile is private. 

Another disadvantage is being shown similar tweets to the one you like, by the platform. Also your Twitter feed will show you liked posts from your followers. So if you’re looking to maintain privacy, deflect unwanted attention and keep your feed fresh, here are 3 ways on how to hide likes on Twitter: 

Make your Profile Private with Protected Tweets

While Twitter is a social media platform rewarding users with likes and retweets, you may still want some privacy for the tweets you like. With a public profile, non-followers can view your liked tweets as well and may engage with you. You can prevent this and learn how to hide likes on Twitter by tinkering profile settings to prevent unwanted attention.  

By making your profile private you can hide it from those who don’t follow you, thus limiting the visibility of your liked tweets to your followers. You can do this by enabling the “protect your Tweets” option.

Here are the steps to enable this option:

  1. Select “settings” from your profile
  2. Click on the “Privacy and Safety” tab
  3. Go to “Audience and tagging”
  1. Check the box next to “Protect your tweets”

Remove Liked Tweets

Another way on how to hide likes on Twitter and prevent others from viewing those posts is by removing them from your favourites lists. You can do this through the following steps:

  1. Click on “Favourites” on the profile page
  2. Find the tweet you want to remove from the list. 
  3. Click the heart on the tweet to unlike it
  4. Refresh the page to complete the action

Let Twitter know of Tweets you Don’t Like

Twitter will most likely show you similar tweets to the one you like, reducing the probability of fresh content on your feed. To fight this, you can click on the “Not interested in this tweet” option that often appears once you tap the three dots that appear on the tweet. 

If that option is not visible, look for “Show me less of this”. Doing this enough times will signal the platform to not show similar content on your feed. 

Being on Twitter allows you to share your thoughts with the world and connect with like-minded people. However, it often garners unwanted attention as well. Liked tweets also signal the platform to show you similar tweets on the feed. You can avoid all of this by learning how to hide likes on Twitter. 

Not using social media altogether is not possible in this day and age. However, you can still maintain your privacy by controlling the content on your feed and the visibility of your liked tweets.