How to create a new Subreddit on Reddit

Video Tutorial

For those of you that would like to see something being done live we have this handy video tutorial you can use and follow along as we create a new Subreddit.



There are two requirements that you must fulfill an order to create a Subreddit on Reddit:

1. Your account must be at least 30 days old.

2. your account must have met a certain minimum requirement of karma.

Now that minimum requirement number is not known but a lot of people speculate that it’s at least 50 karma points.

If you do not have enough karma you can check out our article on How to Get Karma on Reddit Quickly in 2021.

You cannot create a Subreddit on the Mobile App

So tell me more about how the app is not working - Willy Wonka | Meme  Generator

Also, a lot of people ask if you can create a subreddit on a mobile device on the Reddit App. That I know of, you cannot. It doesn’t yet have that feature so this something you have to do on a desktop.

Create a Reddit Account

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Obviously you have to create a Reddit account in order to create a Subreddit on Reddit.

Click on your username in order to engage the drop down menu

Click on “Create a Community”

Enter your community name

You can have a maximum of 21 characters.

Choose whether you want it to be public, restricted, or private

if you are creating this community for marketing purposes we obviously highly recommend making it public. You want to make it as easy as possible for your users to join.

If this is an adult community be sure to mark it as such

We know nothing about this as obviously no one at Notifier has ever watched any adult content /s.

Create your first post in order to tell potential users what this subreddit is all about

It is important to let your users know what this new community is all about.

Add an icon

This is not the Soviet Union! Icons are are encouraged here!

Write a sidebar description

Spread the word about your new Subreddit

So, now that you’ve created your new community you need to get the word out about it! And we think this is where tools like Notifier really shine!

For example say you created a Subreddit about Cat Mental Health Problems. Everyone knows the internet was created for cats.

You could use Notifier to get alerted when anyone mentions phrases like:

cat is depressed
cat crazy
crazy cat
mental cat
cat health
mental cat
mi gato esta loco

Then you can chime in when people mention those phrases and spread the word about your community

You can also use Notifier to get alerted when people mention certain keywords in your new Subreddit, for Free

Here is an example of what we mean:

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How Notifier helps you become the Hero!