Top 10 Most Popular SubReddits by Post Counts on Reddit in the last 24 hours

With over 199 million post a year, it’s a tough to get rank on top. Competition is hard but following are top 10 most popular post in December 19th, 2020.

Using Notifier for Reddit Tool, we collected the most popular post in December 2020.

1 –AskReddit
r/askreddit is one of the most popular subreddit. This subreddit was created around 2008. You can ask your question on any topics and get help or answer on them. It’s pretty fun when you get hundreds of responds. Some questions are about life hack and some are more on fun side.

2- Memes
Memes are all time favorites.  The r/Memes never disappoint you. Some of my favorite type of memes are: raid shadow legends meme, yes meme, greta thunberg meme, sad cat meme, doubt meme, perhaps meme, sweating meme, hamster meme, patcha meme, monkey puppet meme, thumbs up meme, yes chad meme, wack meme, and etc. You can follow each of these funny memes using notifier for reddit. You can find almost any type of meme in reddit. Definitely one of entertaining subreddits there.

3- Cyberpunkgame
It is one of the most popular game no. Cyberpunk is an action role-playing video game. An open world game concept. Since Reddit is the second most popular social platform, r/Cyberpunk is a great place to connect with other gamers around the world.

4- Inspirobotbot
r/Inspirobotbot is a great subreddit to inspirational quotes for endless enrichment of pointless human existence generated by an artificial intelligence. Most quotes are generated by, but some of the post in Inspirobotbot are made by creative users. Some are funny and some are sad quotes. definitely you should check this subreddit.

r/Onlyfans101 is definitely a NSW (not safe for work) subreddit full of adult conversations. It is a great place for promoting your onlyfan profile with millions of people.

6- Minecraft
r/Minecraft is one of the subreddits that gamers love. Minecraft is a popular online gaming with many flexibilities and options. this subreddits allows millions of users with same Minecraft passion to connect and share their posts.

7- Relationship_advice
r/Relationship_advice is a great subreddit to get hundreds of people’s opinion on your relationship. You are not alone, many may have encountered same difficulty in their relationship as yours. you can find them in this subreddit and seek their advices.

Do you wanna get awe’d? r/aww is a subreddit for you. bunch of cuties are here to brighten your day and make you happy. I checkout this subreddit when I have a rough day. it never disappoint. there is always something there to make you smile and make your heart warm.

9- dankmemes
r/dankmemes have some strangest, darkest, weirdest memes ever. Over millions post each week. If you are looking for weird memes, head over to this subreddit.

10- Showerthoughts
r/Showerthoughts has some of the deepest taught and idea. Usually they are inspired by in your deep moment of thinking. Some of this shower thoughts makes you think for hours and hours. Check this subreddit out to get inspired.

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