Smart TV features and models for streaming movies

The fact that today’s televisions have become Smart TVs due to their abilities to connect to the Internet and have systems that allow us to install a lot of applications on them, along with the popularity of streaming content platforms have changed the way of watching television. And is that currently, there are many people who no longer see almost the typical DTT channels, sitting in front of the television almost exclusively to watch their favourite series or movies from services such as Netflix, HBO, Prime Video or any of the TV platforms such as oreo tv for pc offered by operators. 

If you are one of those and you are thinking of changing your television, these are some of the recommendations to take into account when choosing a model and what are the models that we can buy to watch series and movies in streaming.

The television is surely the appliance that we renew every less time, it is also common to see how in the same house, you can have two, three or even more televisions distributed by the different rooms, living room, kitchen, bedrooms, terraces, etc. This also means that as some of them are spoiled, we take the opportunity to renew the one we use the most or the one we use regularly to watch our favourite series or movies and thus obtain a better experience. However, the task of choosing the exact model is not easy, especially when we have a certain budget.

6 Aspects to consider when choosing a model

It is very common to see how when buying a television, it is usual to go to a shopping centre or even the Internet to see what models are on sale and buy the first one that we see that fits our budget. Another common mistake is to buy the largest size at the lowest possible price; however, all these decisions will almost certainly end in disappointment.

Therefore, it is recommended that first of all we stop to think about certain aspects in order to make a good choice. In this sense, the use that we are going to give it is fundamental, since it is not the same that we are going to make sporadic use to watch DTT than those who also use their Smart TV to play games or to watch movies or series through Internet, as is the case that we are going to stick to when choosing a television on this occasion.

1 Resolution:

 The resolution is important, since if we want to see high quality content, our television will have to be able to show us said content in that quality. Today, the most logical thing to do is to choose a 4K UHD model, since the jump to 8K is still somewhat distant in terms of content. If we are not going to reproduce content in 8K, it will not bring us much benefit and the price of these televisions will be much higher.

2 Connection type:

 This is one of the most important aspects when choosing a television when what we do most is watch streaming content. In this sense, it is important that our television has either WiFi, Ethernet or both. In the event that our television is next to the router, the experience with the WiFi connection can be very good when we play streaming content, however, when the WiFi signal is not very good or we encounter interference, it is best to establish the wired internet connection to make it as fast and stable as possible. In this way, we will ensure the best possible experience, avoiding the famous lag, micro-cuts, etc.

3 Supported apps:

 One of the advantages of Smart TVs is that they have their own operating system, which allows us to install certain applications. Therefore, if we are one of those who use Netflix, HBO, Prime Video, Filmin or any other platform or service to watch our favorite series and movies, we must make sure that we can install these applications on our television.

4 Smoothing technologies:

 By default, most models on the market usually have some smoothing technology activated by default, something that on the other hand, does not help when it comes to getting the best experience when watching series, but above all movies, on our television. These smoothing technologies generate effects that detract from the movie experience; therefore, we must be very careful with them when choosing a model. Each manufacturer calls it differently, but the most common are Auto Motion Plus, TruMotion, MotionFlow, etc …

5 Distance at which we are going to watch television:

 To obtain a better overview experience of our Smart TV, it is also important to take into account the distance at which we are going to watch our favourite series and movies in streaming, to be able to choose the size ideal of our panel and thus avoid seeing pixelated or less sharp images.

6 Price:

Of course, the budget we have to buy our Smart TV will influence when choosing one model or another. However, if we take into account all these recommendations in order to obtain a good experience when watching streaming content, we can always choose to choose the one that best suits our needs and that falls within our budget.

The best Smart TVs to watch streaming movies

This Samsung 50RU7405 is a 50-inch 4K Smart TV with ultra-Dimming, HDR (HDR10 +), 4K processor, One Remote Control, Apple TV and compatible with the Alexa assistant. It has 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB, Ethernet (LAN), digital audio output (optical) and CI Slot. The price for the 50-inch model is 460 euros, but it is available in other dimensions.