New Matching Engine, News and Blogs, and ChatGPT!? 🤯

The new matching engine should be out today or early this week. I completed the code for it this weekend and just need to test it more and optimize its performance in Production.

I don’t believe you will need to change anything with your Search Strings. They should work almost exactly the same as I mimicked the syntax of the full text search engine we are now using, years ago.

More importantly though we will be able to more reliably support a much more complex query syntax. For example queries like this should now be possible:

(dog OR pup*) AND (cat OR kitten OR tiger) NOT "Cat Stevens"

And of course you will be able to test all of this in the UI:

We Are Also the Only Tool to Support Regex (Regular Expressions)

Keep in mind we are also the only Social Listening platform in the world that supports RegEx.

So if RegEx is more your thing then we do support that. We use the Google RE2 engine for regex and let me know if you need anymore information on the nuances of it and it’s syntax.

News and Blogs Searchers Are Coming Back!

A while back we were having errors with our News and Blogs Searchers and so I sent a few emails asking if anybody wanted them. No one responded.

We also didn’t see a lot of people using them in our analytics.

Then we removed them though and a few months later and a few users reach out and want them back in. They got a bit violent actually. I wasn’t sure if I should be scared or impressed. Maybe both.

How these Searchers work

We have a massive database of RSS feeds that we built up a while back by crawling multiple platforms.

We are actually creating a functionality where you can see exactly what these sites are and the status of them.

The News and Blogs Searchers then:

  1. Crawl each feed periodically notating new articles they have never seen before.
  2. Go to each new article and get all the content of the article.
  3. Run it through our matching engine
  4. Notify you if any of your matches occur on that content.

We are also going to add the functionality for you to add an RSS feed to our database, so you can help us build this feed up.


I actually just mentioned ChatGPT to get you to read this email.

Kidding…Kidding…Or am I?

A while back we had this idea to support Notifier auto replying to matches on Reddit and Twitter. We actually built a prototype that was working very well for Reddit…

Then the account I was using got banned. 🤣

Now we have thought of the idea of suggesting replies in our UI using ChatGPT or GPT-3.

Here is what this could look like:

Let us know how stupid this idea is!