New Matching Engine, Better than RegEx, API, and Scheduling

Just some quick updates because many of you have been asking about the new matching engine and other things.

New matching engine coming this weekend after successful testing in Production

I was able to test the new matching engine in Production yesterday for an hour and it worked fantastically. This is unexpected because I wrote the code for it. 🤣

So, sometime this weekend we will release the matching engine officially into Production. There will be a slight adjustment needed in your query syntax but we hope to automate adjusting that for you.

This new matching engine is better than regex

Some of you are still using Regex searchers. This new engine will be more performant and have better features than regex because we are using a full blown full text match engine under the hood.

Highly suggest you consider switching over when it’s complete.

Match testing with the new engine works well (releasing soon)

Here is an example of using it.

Notice the new matching engine will support wildcards (and much more).

Are we building an API?

I already have one customer who says they are on board with purchasing beta access to the API but I need 4 more before I will commit to it.

We call that validation. 🚀

If the above button is not displaying because you are reading this on email, click here to Get Beta Access to the API!

AI-Driven Social Media Scheduling?

As I have started getting more active on social media I have used a lot of social media scheduling tools. The best one I have settled on is Hypefury.

And it’s almost there but I think it could be better.

I really think a social media scheduling tool should make it SO MUCH easier to write, and create, and repeat variations of your content.

Perhaps even using AI like ChatGPT to help you do that.

Regardless, I am not building it without validating it.

So, here is a link below where you can purchase beta access to our Social Media Scheduling functionality, when we build it.

If you sign up for the Beta Now then the price of that scheduling functionality will never be extra for you. Later users would need to likely pay an additional X number of dollars per month for it.

If the above button is not displaying because you are reading this on email, click here to Get Beta Access to the AI-Driven Social Media Scheduling!