How to Track Posts on Reddit

Reddit is a social news-sharing platform at its core. It’s based on users submitting URLs, images, and text, which are then voted on by everyone. The most popular posts rise to the top, while the least popular information fades away. Reddit is a big forum that places a strong emphasis on its groups. These groups or Reddit are further divided into subcategories called subreddits. Reposting is frowned upon by the site’s users.

As per the company’s estimates, there were 52 million registered Reddit users at the end of 2020. (Wall Street Journal, 2020). This is a 44 percent rise from the 36 million in October of the previous year. Due to the high volume of traffic, tracking down postings or monitoring a specific subreddit is quite tough. In such cases, robust monitoring technologies like Notifier are essential.

Reddit Post Monitoring And Organizations

Organizations must consider a strategy to listen to the various conversations that are taking place on Reddit in order to devise new business strategies. A firm might use Reddit monitoring to produce new ideas, safeguard its reputation, respond to consumer complaints, or just uncover fresh options. An organization may watch its mentions and gain extensive information regarding the type of Reddit mentions by monitoring Reddit posts.

It is easy to see this data by conducting a simple search on Google or through social networking sites, but it is extremely difficult to make sense of it in this manner. This is where technologies like Notifier come in handy. You can utilize technology like this to gather all of this data for you on a daily basis, track it, and get notified related to important insights about your company.

Tracking Reddit Posts Via Notifier

Notifier offers a remarkable internal search that can be utilized in a variety of settings to get the best results, whether you’re searching within your subscriptions or searching the entire Internet. You can narrow down your search as much as you want while keeping it active. You can follow these simple steps to track posts on Reddit using Notifier.

  1. Login to your Notifier account and go to the Searchers section from the side menu. Click on Add Searcher to add a new search.
  1. You’ll see a list of social media platforms from which you can add searchers. Select Reddit from the list.
  1. From the Reddit only Searchers select Follow post option. You can be alerted via a number of options. Select Alert via Email as it is the most recommended one.
  1. In the Search String textbox, type the keywords for the posts you want to follow. You can also use advanced features like case sensitivity and human search validation.
  1. You can track both the posts and comments but if you want to follow one of them you can change that from Reddit Searchers Options.
  1. Notifier also gives an option to include or exclude Subreddits as well as ignore posts or comments from specific users. After you have completely set up your search click on Add Searcher.
  1. Once you’ve added a searcher, you’ll receive instant emails whenever your searched posts appear on Reddit, and you can also check the search results in the Notifier tool’s active searcher’s area for more extensive analysis.

The Significance of Monitoring

Monitoring Reddit posts is a very useful activity for both businesses and individuals. Using a tool to do so can save your time and provide you with real-time notifications. It’s vital for a variety of additional reasons, including:

  • To find out who the most popular Reddit users are
  • Find out what your consumers have to say about your company.
  • Provides innovative ideas and strategies for the growth of the organization
  • To be ready to reply swiftly and effectively to client problems
  • Never skip a crucial notification related to your company.
  • Participate in a discussion to advertise your business.
  • Stay updated on your rivals.

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