How to Make Money From Twitter

When thinking about social media in general, most of us conclude that they have several purposes such as networking, interacting, sharing, and marketing. Now, when it comes to marketing, we generally have in mind Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and of course TikTok which is becoming increasingly popular! But what is your take on marketing on Twitter? 

Interestingly, many people see Twitter as a social media design to share about politics, other important issues, and information from their lives.  They don’t think of it as social media for marketing. However, with about 400 million active users, Twitter is a great place for people like you who want to make money online.  You can use it to promote services such as Netent, products, or something else. It can be challenging to start, so we compiled a list of tips on how to make money on Twitter.

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Before Making Money on Twitter

  • Okay, it is common sense that if you want to do anything on Twitter, you need to create an account. But that alone is not enough.   If you just put a name and nothing else, you simply won’t be interesting. Make sure to put your photo or company’s logo, appropriate username and bio, and a link to your website or blog.
  • If you are not following anyone and don’t have any followers, it won’t matter how much or what you tweet.  To make money at home using Twitter, you need to build a significant base of followers. 

How to Make Money on Twitter 

Sell Products 

It may seem surprising, but some people tend to forget that folks will not buy anything if they don’t see an invitation to do so. The best way to make money today on Twitter is by using promotions and discounts to encourage people to spend. Some companies, for example, find offering daily deals to be a pretty effective strategy.  This is basically affiliate marketing , except in this case you don’t have a blog, put you promote products directly on Twitter. 

Sponsored Tweets 

Can you imagine that someone would pay you just to tweet? It sounds unrealistic?!  The good news is that it is not. You can earn money just by simply writing a tweet. When you have a good follower base, some companies will pay you to tweet about their products or services. Additionally, you can also contact the companies and promote their products to your audiences.

Increase Traffic to Your Blog or Website 

If you have a blog and plan to make money blogging, you can tweet about it and add links to your posts.  Having more people visiting your blog will improve your career and the traffic to your website. You can even boost traffic to your blog by looking for threads and discussions related to your topic. 

Create Twitter Related Service 

If you grew a significant audience on Twitter, then you know what people are doing or using in their free time. You can use this information to create a product or service that they will enjoy. Most folks like apps that make things easier, right? For example, they like to use an app that allows them to generate hashtags based on how popular they are. Although this app already exists, you can offer them something better!

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Hold a Twitter Contest 

People are thrilled when they hear that there is a chance of getting a prize for something, and they quickly get engaged in the process. You can try to partner with a company that wants publicity and offer to organize a contest on Twitter. In exchange, you will get a percentage that comes from the sales. 

Bottom Line 

It is essential to know that things will not change in a day, week, or month. You have to be prepared to invest a lot of time and energy in this project if you want to be successful. But if you are persistent and patient enough, your efforts will pay off. Have you considered making money on Twitter before? Have you tried? What are your experiences? 

Author’ s Bio

Jeffrey Bishop is a journalist, blogger, and marketing expert, living in Seattle, although he prefers to see the world as his home and himself as a digital nomad. He is writing for several magazines and portals including ours covering mainly the topics related to marketing.