How to Embed a Youtube Video on Reddit

Reddit is a popular social media platform with several million daily users across various communities. The platform is replete with multiple kinds of exciting content across varying formats as users can upload content as text, videos, pictures, or even polls. Occasionally, a user wants to send a youtube video and would instead embed it in the post rather than upload a link to the video. This article will help you figure out how to embed a youtube video if you can not figure it out. 

Embedding youtube video

The trick to embedding a youtube video is in posting the video. To begin, identify the community where you want to post the video and click on the create post icon. You click on “submit link” on the old Reddit desktop website to post. The location of the “submit text” box varies, but you will typically find it on the left-side rail of the community’s homepage. The variation is regarding how far down you may have to scroll to find it.

In the Create Post window, where you select what kind of content you intend to post, select “Link” rather than text. Different communities have their preferences regarding what members can post. On mobile apps, such types of content are greyed out; as such, ensure that the destination community accepts link-based content. 

Link posts require a title, and this is essential as it can draw other users to your video. Instead of the body text box you get for text-based content, you get a link box to paste your video’s URL. If necessary, you may also tag your post with flairs to personalize or categorize it. Similarly, you may tag your post as NSFW or Spoiler to contextualize and help other users decide if they want to view the content. 

Before clicking on “post,” ensure that your post does not break any community rules, as this will cause it to be automatically deleted after you post. Once you are certain of your post, you may click on “post.” 

The steps are similar on a mobile app. However, to get started, you click on the + sign at the bottom of the relevant community’s homepage. This will pull up a window asking you to select what type of content you intend to post. After choosing the link-based option, fill the relevant boxes with the title and URL to the Youtube video. You click next after filling in the necessary content, and the page you enter is the last before you post the content. Here, you can add the necessary tags and flairs to your post before you finally click on “post” to post it. 

Embedding a video offers more for an OP than just sending the link. For example, embedded videos may get more attention and subsequently more views than when you post the link alone. Reddit users are typically hesitant to leave the app to Youtube to watch the video, so a linked video may receive less interaction. 

Tips to get attention to your video

Getting your post popular requires planning, attention to detail, and luck. These factors scale exponentially if you wish to get your video viral. Here are some of the essential steps in making a popular post:

Select an interesting topic

The most fundamental aspect of any popular post is that it is interesting, at least to the post recipients. A post’s hotness largely depends on its score, and users determine the score by upvoting – or downvoting – the post. Naturally, users will upvote a post if they find it interesting. 

It is also essential that your topic is relevant to the subreddit where you are posting it. You do not want to post a cute cat video in r/Soccer. Ensure that your target audience comprises the sort of persons that will find what you intend to post interesting. This is easier in subreddits that discuss specific topics like r/Eminem or r/Barca.

Ensure your content is factual

This is essential because false posts are often aggressively downvoted, effectively killing off their popularity chances. It may be helpful to provide links to the source in the post’s body or as a comment under the post. However, if you are unsure of the authenticity of what you intend to post, you may put up a disclaimer.

Make the post at the correct time

This is vital as the timing of the post matters. The older a post is, the unlikelier it is to get – or remain – popular. According to research by Randy Olsen, a “12-hour-old post needs roughly three times the score to match the hotness of a 6-hour-old post”. 

Because of this limitation, it is necessary to time your posts to ensure you make it at a point of peak – or near peak – activity. If you make your post while most users are asleep, it is unlikely to receive as much attention – and activity – as a post made during high activity.

An offshoot of this is to take note of the prevailing time zone of the relevant subreddit. If you live in the US and your target audience is the r/casualUK subreddit, you may be as much as 6-8 hours behind. Factor this into your guesstimate of the peak activity period, knowing that at 6 pm, many members of your audience are fast asleep.

Size of the community

This precaution is necessary if you want your post to become viral. Because the number of upvotes (relative to downvotes) influences the post’s score, getting as many upvotes as possible is essential. 

It is only natural that posts within a community like r/pics with more than 10 million users will have posts with higher scores than those in communities like r/Barca with about a hundred thousand users. 

How long does it take posts to go live?

Posting on Reddit requires time, resources, and dedication. Many people go to extra lengths to ensure their posts are relevant and high-quality. As a result, users are interested in ensuring that their posts go live so that their efforts do not waste. Typically, most posts appear immediately after posting them, depending on your internet connection speed. However, exceptions often may delay the post or even prevent it from showing up. 

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