How to Download Reddit Videos

Reddit is a popular social media platform that boasts hundreds of millions of users and several communities for its users. Like most social media platforms, Reddit content comes in various forms, including text, images, videos, etc. Users typically want to save this content; however, saving videos on Reddit is not exactly straightforward. As a result, this article explains how you can download your favorite video content off Reddit. 

Downloading Reddit videos

As you may have guessed, there is no in-built way on Reddit to download a video, so you have to resort to external means. There are two ways you can employ; using a third-party feature- Redditsave, or using your device’s in-built screen recording feature. 

Downloading Reddit videos with RedditSave

Numerous websites claim they can perform the same function, but you can use RedditSave to download your Reddit videos. It is a free website that helps users to download any videos on any device. The tool also saves videos with audio files, unlike some downloader sites. RedditSave also provides a bot version for direct use on Reddit and a Chrome and Edge extension.

To use the tool, copy the URL to the video by clicking on the share button under the post and choosing “Copy Link.” Go to the RedditSave website, paste the URL into the text box at the page’s top, then tap Download.

You may have to wait for the video to process briefly. After processing, the website offers the video in two formats with their respective download links: Download HD Video or SD Versions. Depending on your device, the video may begin downloading immediately, or inquire if you want to download it. Select Download. After completing the download, check your default download location to see the video.

Saving videos through screen recording 

If you have anything against using an external website to download your Reddit videos, you can leverage your device’s screen recording function instead. However, this approach is typically not as smooth or clean, leaving you to edit your video to cut out the bit where you struggle with the controls. Nevertheless, the approach is quick and free.

The first thing to do is open Reddit on your device. When you are ready to play the video you intend to save, begin your screen recording, then quickly play the video so the recording can capture the video’s beginning. Discontinue the recording as soon as the video finishes.

If you use a windows PC, you can screen record by pressing the Windows key + G to open the Game Bar. After opening it, locate the Capture window, typically in the top-left corner, and select the Start recording button. Your PC will save your recordings to your hard drive’s Videos folder.

Things are not as straightforward on the Mac as the built-in screen record only records pictures while excluding the audio. As a result, you may require a third-party app like OBS studio if you want a video inclusive of sound. However, if video sound is unnecessary, you can simply employ the built-in function by pressing Command + Shift + 5. 

If your choice device is an iPhone or iPad, you have to initially enable the screen recording functionality through your Control Center. After doing so, simply tap the screen recording button to record everything your screen displays. After ending the recording, your device will save the video to the Camera Roll.

Alternatively, if you are an Android guy, you can screen record through a different means. Generally, your Android device may require you to enable the screen recorder before using it. However, after enabling it, you should find the feature after swiping down from the top of your screen. However, you may require a third-party app if your Android device is relatively old. 

How to save pictures on Reddit

It is easy to save pictures on the Reddit app, regardless of your device’s operating system. Here is how to save images on iOS and Android operating systems:


To save pictures on the Reddit app, you first want to identify what picture you want to download. Many communities have content primarily around images, including the aptly named r/Pics. After finding the post containing the picture you want to download, there are two approaches you could take. 

First, if the post is simply a picture, you can download it by clicking on “share” at the bottom of the post. After that, scroll to “save image” below and click on it to save the picture. 

Alternatively, you can simply click on the image before you click on share. The difference is that the second approach is suitable if the post is not merely a picture and contains other content. It is also appropriate when there are multiple pictures. Using the first approach when the post contains numerous pictures will simply download the picture in view.


The android approach is slightly similar to the iOS approach, except that the first approach on iOS is not applicable. As such, you need to click on the picture and subsequently on the three-dot icon at the top right corner of your screen. This will reveal the download prompt, and you click on it to download the picture. 

Despite this, you can save pictures on your android and iOS devices by taking screenshots of the images you want to save. 

Saving pictures on the website 

If you prefer to use Reddit via the website, you can also save your favorite pictures easily. There is no Reddit-centric way to save your picture on the website; you can simply save it any way you would save any other picture onto your device. If you use a windows computer, you can download the image by right-clicking it and clicking on “Save image as.” A small window will pop up asking you for your preferred file name and destination. Click on “save” after that to save the picture. 

The same method is applicable if you are using Reddit’s mobile website. Simply click on the image and download it like you would any other picture. Most browsers display the download option when you hold the image. For example, if you use safari, holding the picture reveals a series of options, including “add to photos.” Selecting “add to photos” will save the image to your device. 

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