How to Delete Reddit Messages

Reddit is a social platform with active users making it quite an interesting community space online. Within Reddit, there are hundreds and thousands of subreddits that people join according to their interests and hobbies. 

Redditors, as those who actively use the platform, are called, make posts, comment on existing posts, and can also send messages to one another on the platform to keep the momentum going. 

The most voted posts on Reddit show up on the top of the homepage while downvoted posts can get buried deep below. Redditors are passionate about the topics they follow and dislike anyone breaking the community rules. 

Subreddits are the communities within Reddit that are essentially a gold mine of information for brand marketers. You can find a community for every topic you can think of and those related to your industry can give you valuable customer insights. 

Reddit users have the option to send and receive messages as well as chat with other users on the platform. This can sometimes lead to a cluttered inbox or receiving unwanted messages.

If you have an inbox full of Reddit messages and you’re wondering how best to keep it organized, here are some ways you can delete Reddit messages on your desktop or mobile app. This also helps to keep your inbox clean and free from unwanted or spam messages. 

How to Delete Reddit Messages Using Desktop Browser 

Like many people, if you are used to using Reddit through the web browser on your desktop we can help you delete unwanted messages. Keeping your inbox organized can be difficult especially if you receive a lot of messages. Follow the steps below to quickly delete unwanted messages from your Reddit inbox:

  1. Open the Reddit website and log in with your credentials 
  1. Click on notifications, and then on messages
  1. Find the message you would like to delete 
  1. Click on the “delete” button that appears at the bottom of the message 
  1. Select yes or no when asked if you’re sure, and it will be deleted permanently

How to Delete Reddit Messages Using the Mobile Application 

If you frequently use Reddit through the mobile application then follow the steps below on how to delete Reddit messages and keep your inbox from exploding:

  1. Open the Reddit application on your mobile device 
  2. Log in with your credentials 
  3. Click on the chat box next to the post button
  4. Find the message you want to delete
  5. Long press on the message to reveal the delete option
  6. Tap on delete

How to Delete Reddit Messages in a Chat

The chat feature on Reddit is a separate feature from messages. You can use it to communicate directly with other users on the platform or create a group chat. To delete messages in a Reddit chat, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open the chat window from your profile 
  2. Hover over the message you’d like to delete
  3. Click on the “trash can” icon to delete it

There is no way to delete a chat in one go so you will manually have to delete messages in this way. However, the messages you delete will disappear from both ends but you can only delete the messages you have sent. Messages that you receive from the other user cannot be deleted. 

These are some of the ways how to delete Reddit messages. However, you can also delete your Reddit account but doing so will not delete your comments, messages, or posts. They will simply appear anonymous. 

If you wish to leave no footprint of your activity on Reddit then you must first delete your Reddit messages and then delete your account. Frequently deleting messages on Reddit can help keep your inbox and online space clutter-free.