No Mentions? 5 Tips to Skyrocket Your Brand Mentions

Social media presence and brand mentions have become increasingly important for businesses to drive online marketing success. In the ever-evolving world of search engine optimization, brand mentions have become quite a powerful metric for brand success. 

No mentions on Twitter, Reddit, or any other platform should be a cause of concern for brands. It simply means that there isn’t enough awareness about you online and that’s not a good sign for business. For a brand to grow its online presence and reputation, mentions are an important factor. 

What are Brand Mentions?

A brand mention is any comment, reply, or direct message on any social media platform where the brand is present. It can be a direct mention in which case the brand gets a notification. It can also be a mention in which a brand is not mentioned directly and thus does not receive a notification. 

For instance, your brand may be mentioned online but with the wrong spelling or without a tag. Such mentions are almost like no mentions because you don’t know someone has talked about you online. 

This can be sorted using a social media monitoring tool like Notifier that helps you track your brand mentions across different platforms. Whether you are tagged or not, you will get notified of all the mentions to which you can then react and respond in the best possible way.

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Why are Brand Mentions Important?

Brand mentions are an important SEO metric to measure brand visibility and awareness. It helps brands in several ways. Firstly, brand mentions help expand your business online. As more people mention you, it creates more awareness thus leading to more leads and sales. 

Increased brand mentions online also help create authority. People tend to feel confident in trying out a new product or service when they find out others are using it and benefiting from it. 

However, you can receive negative or troubling brand mentions as well. How you respond to those largely determines whether you have successfully captured your audience or driven them away. Brands that acknowledge their mistake, aim to rectify and take customer feedback positively are able to win them over as opposed to ignoring such mentions completely. 

Brand mentions help create conversations as well. It can help you find your customers, learn about their likes and dislikes and find out their problems that you can address through your product or service. 

Brand mentions are crucial to your online marketing success. Increased mentions make your brand discoverable to more people who may be unaware of your product or service. However, it is also important for brands to address all relevant mentions and create an active community to drive business growth. 

5 Ways to Increase Brand Mentions 

Getting no mentions for your brand is not a healthy sign for your business. To attract customers, improve authority and get better rankings, it is important to increase your brand mentions. Here are 5 ways you can take your brand from no mentions to increased brand mentions:

1. Have a Social Presence and Grow It 

Being on social platforms is important for any brand that wants to grow. Increased brand mentions create awareness and help grow your visibility to more people online. So, there is no chance that you can skip being on social media platforms. 

Once there, find ways to improve your social presence and grow it. As people talk about you, comment, and reply, all this activity will boost your brand mentions. You can also encourage brand mentions by asking your audience to tag you in their experiences of using your product. 

2. Participate in Events 

Many events and conferences take place related to all kinds of industries. Find out the events relevant to you and participate in them. This will help increase your physical footprint and consequently improve brand mentions as well. 

As more people interact with your brand in events or conferences, they are more likely to mention you online. You can also encourage them to tag you on their socials with a good word. Another way is to speak at events. As bloggers cover the event and tweet or post about it chances are your brand will also gain mentions online. 

3. Engage in Guest Blogging 

Smart content marketers know the importance of guest blogging. It is also an overt way to build your personal brand. It is one of the ways to get links and mentions but the real reason for guest blogging is much deeper. 

By guest blogging, you are sharing valuable insights and solving problems for others. This value creation through guest blogging is an important tool to establish authority. If you do it with this focus, brand mentions are likely to follow through.

4. Participate in Online Forums and Communities 

Online forums and communities are a gold mine when it comes to raising brand awareness and converting potential clients. There are forums like Quora and Reddit where your potential customers are talking about their products related to your product/service. 

You can participate by helping them resolve their issues, giving suggestions, and/or recommending a solution thus increasing the chances for your brand to gain credibility and mentions.

5. Create Relevant and Engaging Content 

Social media has tilted towards content and the brands that win at building authority and awareness are those pushing out the best content. Content marketing has become an important tool for marketers to convert customers. 

Good content that is posted regularly and consistently helps increase traffic to your socials, improve brand engagement and uncover leads. As your brand becomes more visible, you are likely to grow your brand mentions as well. 

Increased brand mentions are only possible when you are tracking them. From no mentions of your brand online, you can increase brand mentions quickly if you wholeheartedly put in the efforts. The best bet for marketers is to increase interaction with customers, listen to them and respond to them in the online world.