Finding New Content and Building a Brand With Notifier’s Google Searchers

We are bringing back the Google Searchers!

Someone let us know that the Google Searchers are actually very valuable to them and perform better than Google Alerts 🤯.

They said the following:

My primary use case is finding new and relevant articles to include in my weekly newsletter.  I focus on B2B content marketing, for which I have 5-6 searchers running.  Occasionally I find relevant stuff on LinkedIn but a majority is blog posts and news articles, which are identified primarily via the Google channel.

I also have Google Alerts set up for the same purpose, but Notifier has proven significantly more effective at spotting new and relevant content.

The “value” of these hits is difficult to quantify because it’s (currently) aimed at building brand awareness and establishing my brand as a valuable source of knowledge for people interested in B2B content marketing.

a Notifier Customer

How You Can Find New Content for Your Audience Using Notifier’s Google Searchers

  1. Wait for our Google Searchers to become available again next week.
  2. Create a new Searcher for Google and then enter in your keywords. Say I have a Newsletter about Dogs for example…
  3. In the keyword field I could simply input: dogs
  4. When you first run it you may get a lot of results (less than 100). These are the same results that would appear when you search for “dogs” on Google Search.
  5. Sit back and wait. Notifier will alert you when a new result appears that it hasn’t seen before for the search term “dogs” (or whatever you input).
  6. This is new valuable content that is now ranking on Google! Go investigate it and see if it’s something you want to share with your audience.