A Complete Overview of Social Media Feeds for Website

Social media has emerged as a game-changer in the digital marketing landscape. Marketers cannot afford to ignore social media for their marketing strategies as it provides a boost to their businesses and helps them to attain more reach. 

Following the cross-promotion strategies, many businesses have started to embed social media feeds into their website. Social media aggregator helps you embed social media feeds effectively.

About Social Feeds

Whenever you log in to any social media account, the first thing on your window is a feed of that particular platform. Each platform contains its very own feed and focuses on a different medium. For example, Instagram feeds contain all the visual-based content.

Most of these feeds are reverse chronologically arranged, which means the latest post appears at the top of the feed. By embedding them on your website, you can create a link between social media platforms and your website.

Social Media Aggregator is an effective tool that eases your task to embed the social feeds. You can easily install and use these tools. You just have to copy the code and paste it on your website backend you don’t need any coding knowledge or experience for using this tool

Social Media Aggregator

Social media aggregators help you aggregate social media feeds from various social media platforms and display them as one unified presentation on your website. It also allows you to customize and curate the content before displaying them on the website. These tools are compatible with showcasing a wide range of content, as it covers all types of social media platforms. It fetches all content related to your business, such as blogs, articles, images, videos, etc., and displays them beautifully.

It gathers the content using hashtags, mentions, tags, social media handles etc, hence keep the feed related to your business. It also allows you to moderate the content, filter out all irrelevant and spam content from your feed, and maintain the feed quality. 

Some Few Types of Social Media Feeds:

1. Event Walls

You can embed social media feeds on your event walls. Social gatherings and social events are the most effective ways to promote your product and increase your social circle. You can install a social media wall on your event and display all the posts related to the event. It will attract people’s attention and inspire them to post content related to the event to get a feature on the wall. 

2. Social Wall

Social Wall is cumulative feed from various social media feeds. You can display social wall on your website, event, lobby or meeting rooms. By using a social wall, you can add charm to your website and make it look presentable. You can even embed a feed from a single social media platform. These feed can be – Twitter feeds, Instagram feeds, Facebook feeds, YouTube feeds etc. 

3. Hashtags campaign wall

Hashtag campaigns are a savior for marketers in this competitive scenario. It is an amazing marketing tool that helps to attract more audiences. 

You can gather all the social media posts from your hashtag campaign and display them on your website. A user feels valued when his content gets a feature on a brand’s official website, and thus it will motivate others to make content using hashtags. Eventually, it will increase your brand awareness.  Hashtag campaign walls also allow your visitor to sneak into your social media chatter, and even he can participate without leaving the website window.

Amazing Examples of Social Media Feeds:

1. Social media feeds

Social media feeds are cumulative posts and content from all social media platforms. You can display the content from different social media pages and add charm to your website. Social media feeds display images, videos, GIFs, blogs, etc., making your website engaging.

2. Hashtag feeds

Twitter initially introduced hashtags, but hashtags now work in almost all social media platforms due to their popularity and impacts. It helps you to gather all the content under one umbrella. In simple words, hashtags provide an identity to the content. With the help of social media aggregators, you can display hashtags feed on your website and showcase all the content related to your business.

3. Social media mentions

All social media platforms provide the feature where users can express their opinion and mention the handle related to it. Often people use this feature on their posts to attract the attention of mentioned handle. You can collect all the posts and content with your mentions using social media aggregators and embed them on the website. You can provide public opinions, social media proofs and information to your visitors. 

Top Benefits of Embedding Social Media Feeds:

  • It makes your website vibrant – Social media provides a wide range of content that consists of images, videos, texts and more. Such of variety of content makes your website appealing and pleasing to the eyes.
  • Makes your website engaging and interactive – By embedding the social media feeds on your website, you can increase user engagement. As feed consists of images, videos, and more, it instills interest in visitors’ minds and wants to view more of your content. He also has the option to scroll or swipe the feed for more content, hence making your website interactive.
  • Increases website traffic – Feed adds liveliness to your website, and hence more uses would like to visit your website and enhance their browsing experience. And with feed attracting their attention, it increases the website traffic.
  • Provides social proof – Many users provide their reviews and post pictures of the product from their social media accounts. Aggregators combine all these contents, display them on your website, and provide social proof to your potential customers.
  • Strengthen your social media presence – Social media feeds provides a sneak into your social media presence. Hence, if any user is unaware of your social media account, he can easily find them by visiting your website.


Embedding social media feeds is a great marketing strategy that helps your business to attain new heights. It provides a boost to your social media presence and enhances your reputation and brand awareness. You can use social media aggregators, make your embedding task easy, and enjoy great business results.