The Ultimate Guide to Generating Leads with Internet Listening

So, you want to generate leads huh?

There are a lot of amazing ways to do that. The two biggest in the digital marketing space are probably ads and SEO.

Now, don’t get me wrong. These are incredibly powerful tools used by huge players in the industry. But the problem is that there is so much competition in both of these spaces.

Should you even listen to me?

But we are getting ahead of ourselves here. I am sure you are wondering (or at least you should be) who is this guy and why should I even listen to him?

You need to always be skeptical of the advice you receive online. Bad advice is worse than receiving no advice at all. It can lead you down approaches that can waste months of your time.

Further, never take advice from someone who is too afraid to show their real name and face. I am always amazed by people on Twitter following some supposed SaaS Guru who has a fake name and a profile picture of a monkey.

My name is Timothy Bramlett. If you want here are my LinkedIn and Twitter links.

In my day job I lead a software incubation team for a major tech company. Before that I was a senior software engineer.

I have spent the past decade though on my own time building failed side projects. And doing that has taught me a lot.

When I started Notifier I was not a great marketer. But many of my customers were and are. Everything I will share with you now comes from my talks with them.

My Goal in writing this

It’s incredibly important to always understand the motivation behind the information you get.

Let’s be honest my goal here is to get you to try out Notifier. However, even if you do not I would still like to leave you with information that is valuable to you.

Some of the greatest content I have ever read was written by someone trying to get me to try out their Product or Service.

Keep in mind also that these techniques work regardless of whatever tool you use or even if you do it manually.

Why social listening is so powerful for leads

Social listening is so powerful for generating leads simply because that is where your customers hang out.

If you reply and DM your customers and social media they will definitely see it and will also likely reply.

The reply and the DM are the two most powerful buttons on Social Media.

You just need to know how to use them properly.

Modern companies use it

The good thing is that you do not have to take my word for any of this.

You can simply look on Twitter or Reddit now and you will see that the most successful companies are using social listening.

Identify keywords your target customers mention and monitor them

How to find your keywords

Cast a wide net initially

Continually refine and update your keywords

The DM is more powerful than cold email

Don’t go right to a DM comments are gold

Let me know how things go

Feedback is always welcome