Notifier Product Updates for Mid October 2022

We have made a lot of updates to Notifier lately so I wanted to throw together this quick video describing many of them!

Some of the things I cover in it are in-app real-time notifications and all the changes we have made to the view results page so that it’s easier than ever to quickly browse through your results. Results will now automatically be hidden as you read them and the page dynamically loads more results as you scroll down.

Amazon Gift Card in Exchange for your feedback

We need your feedback and because it’s so important I am going to be giving out a $20 Amazon Gift Card to everyone who jumps on a 30 minute Zoom call with me.

This is obviously not a lot of money to many of you but I hope it shows that we do highly value your input and your time.

Requirements: Must be a current customer or have tried Notifier in the past for a business related purpose.

The Video