Instagram Searchers Are Back With a Minor Change

The Instagram Searchers are working again!

And we have made some small changes that will over time will result in better Instagram data for everyone! 🚀

Now, we have made a minor change to the Instagram Searchers so it’s easier for people to set them up correctly. Here are the steps to get them working:

1. Connect Your Instagram Business Account and Connected Facebook Page to Notifier

You need both an Instagram business account and a corresponding Facebook page that is linked to that Instagram business account in order to give notifier access to search the Instagram API for posts that match hashtags.

Note: This is not our requirement but Meta’s as you can see here:

For more info see our instructions here:

2. Add a New Searcher and Check Instagram

3. A new field will be revealed once you select Instagram named Instagram Hashtag.

We need this because of how the Instagram API works. They do not allow us to enter any phrase and search for that.

Instead they require us to send them a valid hashtag and then they will return the latest posts that have that hashtag in them.

We then use Search String to further filter any of the matches coming from Instagram to make sure you are getting the results you want.

And keep in mind Notifier will check for Instagram matches across all the Instagram results we are getting from all of our users.

So, if someone is searching for #puppy and that post happens to have something a phrase you are searching for in it, you will get a match on that as well.


We are looking into how we can get better linkedIn data because so many of you have requested better data for it.


Tiktok is improving its API so we are looking into how we can support it and what data we can get back from it. Will keep you all informed.