Google Sheets Integration, Web Push Notifications, and Engager Are Out

Lot of stuff to go over so let’s get into it.

And remember if you ever want to see our current Road Map click here.

Web Push Notifications are fixed

We had an issue for a while with the web push notifications but that should be fixed!

Try it out. Break it, but let us know what broke.

Google Sheets Integration is In Beta

The Google Sheets integration is out and in Beta.

When you grant access to the Notifier code it will warn you that we can delete your sheets. We tried to NOT request access to this scope (permission) but Google only allows you to request access to create, modify, and delete all at the same time.

Regardless know that we have not written any code to delete your sheets and never will.

Engager is Out but its in very active development

The Engager feature is out but of course its view only right now as we are currently writing the code to make it do anything.

Engager will be improved rapidly, so stay tuned as we add more functionality, and even chat GPT to it!

What’s Next?

Here is a quick preview of our Current Road Map.