How to Set up an Instagram Searcher using Notifier

Instagram launched in 2010 as a photo and video sharing application and has since then evolved massively. Six years later, Instagram introduced business accounts, and today every big or small business finds it useful to be on the platform to reach potential customers. 

Why Set up an Instagram Searcher

Is your brand making smart business decisions? Do you know your customer’s sentiments and expectations? Are you responding to complaints and feedback as you should be? If you are, you can do it better through social listening and if not, then it’s time to set up your Instagram searcher on Notifier. 

Social listening on Instagram has many benefits for your brand. You can use the insights to better market your product, identify potential customers and influencers, get industry insights and use the data to fine-tune your social media image and marketing. Social listening helps you with customer relations and competitor analysis as well. 

However, all of this is only possible if you’re engaged in social listening on Instagram. To do that, you can simply set up a searcher on Notifier for the keywords you’d like to track. Follow the steps below to set up your searcher for Instagram on Notifier:

How to Set Up Instagram Searcher with Notifier

  1. Go to Add Searcher on the left-side panel showing on your Notifier account 
  1. Connect and select your Instagram account 
  1. Select how you’d like to be alerted and when 
  1. Type in your search term in Search String
  1. Click on Add Searcher 
  1. You can view your searcher in active searchers and view its results, deactivate it, edit, remove or favorite it

How the Instagram Searchers Work

Simply put, Notifier allows you to connect your Instagram business account and runs a search for the hashtags you’d like to track. 

Here are some frequently asked questions to clarify any confusion for using Notifier searcher for Instagram:

Does it work for personal accounts?

This feature is for Instagram business accounts. You should have a Facebook business page as well to connect. 

Do I need to enter my Instagram password?

No, we don’t require your Instagram password to connect. We connect to your account through your Facebook. 

What can I use the Notifier searcher for?

You can use the Notifier searcher to track mentions of any hashtag on public accounts and pages. 

How do I input the hashtag in the searcher?

You can input the hashtag in our searcher simply by copy-pasting the complete phrase. You do not have to use the “#” sign. Just make sure you put a valid hashtag in the search string.

Here is a quick video tutorial of updates to our Instagram searcher for better understanding:

Note: If you are reading this in our emails you may not see the YouTube video above. Go to the article link to view it.

Are you using social listening for Instagram that can help you with your marketing and business strategy? Notifier helps you with that not just on Instagram but other platforms like Twitter and Reddit as well. You can also find link-building opportunities with Notifier among other things. 

If you’re using Notifier and have suggestions for us, we are open to feedback. If you’d like to try out Notifier for free, start your trial today!