How to Add Photos to a Reddit Post

Reddit offers its users an exciting and inventive way to communicate with other Redditors. Like other social media platforms, Reddit allows users to post pictures in addition to text and videos. However, the ability to post photos and videos really depends on the community you are in, as communities get to select what kind of content they accept and which they reject. Nevertheless, it is still vital to know how to upload photos on Reddit; this article will explain a few steps.

How to post a picture

Posting pictures on Reddit is relatively straightforward. Here is how to post images on various Reddit platforms:

New Reddit design

The first thing to do is identify the community you want to post to. After that, click “create post” at the right-side railing on the subreddit’s homepage. 

In the Create Post window, click on “images & video” as you are looking to post a picture. Different communities have preferences regarding what members can post, so ensure you post your picture to a community that accepts pictures. On mobile apps, such types of content are greyed out. 

After that, upload the picture you want to post to the box or drag and drop it. Media posts require a title, so include a title for the post. If necessary, you may also tag your post with flairs to personalize or categorize it. Similarly, you may tag your post as NSFW or Spoiler to contextualize and help other users decide if they want to view the content. 

Before clicking on “post,” ensure that your post does not break any community rules, as this will cause it to be automatically deleted after you post. Once confident in your post, you may click on “post.” 

The steps are similar on a mobile app. However, to get started, you click on the + sign at the bottom of the relevant community’s homepage. This will pull up a window asking you to select what type of content you intend to post. After selecting pictures, upload the image you want, edit it, add your rifle, and then post.  

Old Reddit design

In the old design, you can not directly upload pictures as you can in the new design. You have to use the “submit a link” option to upload the picture. The location of the “submit a link” box varies, but you will typically find it on the left-side rail of the community’s homepage. The variation is regarding how far down you may have to scroll to see it. 

Here, you will get the option to paste a link to the picture or simply upload the photo. Click on the “image/video” box and upload the image you want to post. Include the title and any necessary tags before submitting it for posting.

Mobile website

On the Reddit mobile website, uploading pictures take a slightly different approach. Unlike the old desktop design where you could upload the picture in the “submit a box link,” you can only upload pictures via links on the mobile website. 

To post the picture link, you can start at the destination community’s homepage or directly from your general feed. Either way, you have to click on the pen icon at the top right corner of your screen. This will ask you whether you want to post a link or text. After clicking on “link,” you will be directed to a window where you select the destination community. This step would not be necessary if you upload from the destination community’s homepage. Insert the post’s title, paste the link, and add flairs if necessary. Then click on “post” to post the picture.

How to save pictures on Reddit

It is easy to save pictures on the Reddit app, regardless of your device’s operating system. Here is how to save images on iOS and Android operating systems:


To save pictures on the Reddit app, you first want to identify what picture you want to download. Many communities have content primarily around images, including the aptly named r/Pics. After finding the post containing the picture you want to download, there are two approaches you could take. 

First, if the post is simply a picture, you can download it by clicking on “share” at the bottom of the post. After that, scroll to “save image” below and click on it to save the picture. 

Alternatively, you can simply click on the image before you click on share. The difference is that the second approach is suitable if the post is not merely a picture and contains other content. It is also appropriate when there are multiple pictures. Using the first approach when the post contains numerous pictures will simply download the picture in view.


The android approach is slightly similar to the iOS approach, except that the first approach on iOS is not applicable. As such, you need to click on the picture and subsequently on the three-dot icon at the top right corner of your screen. This will reveal the download prompt, and you click on it to download the picture. 

Despite this, you can save pictures on your android and iOS devices by taking screenshots of the images you want to save. 

Saving pictures on the website 

If you prefer to use Reddit via the website, you can also save your favorite pictures easily. There is no Reddit-centric way to save your picture on the website; you can simply save it any way you would save any other picture onto your device. If you use a windows computer, you can download the image by right-clicking it and clicking on “Save image as.” A small window will pop up asking you for your preferred file name and destination. Click on “save” after that to save the picture. 

The same method is applicable if you are using Reddit’s mobile website. Simply click on the image and download it like you would any other picture. Most browsers display the download option when you hold the image. For example, if you use safari, holding the picture reveals a series of options, including “add to photos.” Selecting “add to photos” will save the image to your device.