The 3 Best Reddit Automation Tools You Need to Generate Quality Leads

With more than 52 million daily active users, Reddit is the 9th-most-visited website in the world (6th-most-visited website in the US). So, if you want to expand your social media presence, build your brand’s reputation, or generate business leads, Reddit’s huge user base has a lot of scope for you. 

In this article, I will be briefing about the three best Reddit automation tools that can help you automate the process of lead generation and marketing, so you don’t have to stay hooked for hours there. These tools are highly effective and provide a better ROI rate than the manual lead generation process. 

I have created an extensive guide on ‘How to Use Reddit for Marketing’. If you haven’t read it yet, please spare a few minutes to go through it before you start using the Reddit automation tools because Reddit marketing is trickier and riskier than marketing on Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media platform.  

Let’s get to the list now. 

Notifier- The most versatile Reddit automation tool 

You might call me biased but I believe our social media monitoring tool Notifier is one of the best Reddit automation tools. 

It can do a more extensive search than Howitzer and other Reddit automation tools listed below that only search those subreddits and use only those criteria that you mention. Notifier can search the entire Reddit, including private subreddits and less popular subreddits that you may not know. Therefore, it can provide you with more leads, possibly the less competitive ones where the chances of conversion are very high. 

Boolean search example

Notifier uses Boolean search and Regex search logic. These features help you customize your search results and filter out the ones that you don’t need using ‘and’, ‘not’, and a few other parameters (see above image). They are quite popular and are used by most high-end social media listening tools.  

Another reason why I believe Notifier is probably the best Reddit automation tool is that it provides instant notification for leads. You can create searchers and fully automate the process. Whenever a conversation happens around the search terms you have mentioned, Notifier will alert you, so you can act immediately before your competitors jump in and steal the show. Not many Reddit automation tools provide instant notifications, so Notifier definitely gets an edge over others.

The only feature that Notifier lacks is the bulk messaging service that you get with the other best Reddit automation tools that I have selected. They let you select the leads you want to approach and message them in bulk. 

Notifier doesn’t have any such feature and let me explain why it is not as lucrative as it sounds. 

Bulk messaging through Reddit automation tools may not be a good idea

example of bulk message gone wrong

Most redditors use this user-generated content platform for a specific objective. They may be looking for an idea, a suggestion, or a recommendation. Maybe they want to share their experience/opinion. Or maybe they are looking for entertainment. 

Whatever the reason is, Redditors do not entertain spam, bluffs, and marketing pitches. They are ‘ruthless’. If you send a generic message, they will figure out you are using a bot for pitching something unnecessary. They may mass-downvote you, which could even get you banned. That’s the reason I am strongly against the use of the bulk messaging services that most Reddit automation tools provide. 

I would rather suggest you select very specific search results, the ones that you believe are most relevant, and then, approach them directly with a highly customized pitch that sounds genuine and not a proper sales pitch. 

Yes, I agree that this could take hours and even days. But, a customized pitch will definitely provide you with a better ROI. Plus, it will help you build your brand’s reputation. 

Please note- if you still want a bulk messaging service, do let me know. I can customize it for you. 

Howitzer- The best Reddit automation tools for marketers who need bulk messaging services 

Dashboard of Howitzer reddit automation tool

As I said above, we personally do not prefer pitching leads in bulk. But, if you are a medium or big business/brand that gets hundreds or maybe thousands of leads every day, sending customized emails might not be feasible for you. Reddit automation tools like Howitzer can help you filter the leads using the most relevant criteria and then, you can send bulk messages to all of them in one go. You can customize the messages to include the potential buyer’s name or Reddit id, so it still looks like a personal message. 

While Howitzer can fully automate the process of finding leads and contacting them using a customized message, it does not conduct as extensive lead search as Notifier does. It searches only those subreddits that you use and I am not sure how good the tool is in terms of finding the most relevant leads. 

Yes, it is an autopilot and it can save a lot of your time. But, it doesn’t notify you about the negative conversations that may happen around your ‘pitch message’. If you do not participate in those conversations, you could end up in a social media crisis. And, to get notified of such mentions, you will have to buy a social media listening tool separately. 

Having two different tools can create a lot of confusion. That’s why I said that Notifier is the best Reddit automation tool. Other than notifying you of prospective leads, it can notify you of your brand mentions and the conversations (both positive and negative) happening around the keywords relevant to your business. 

Reddit Voter- An all-in-one Reddit automation tool that lets you automate almost everything you do

reddit icon

The name sounds misguided. It is not just a voting tool that you can use to upvote or downvote a specific type of comments/discussions. You can do much more such as automating the comments, following users, etc. It is not a proper Reddit marketing tool but the auto-comment feature helps send bulk replies to posts that sound relevant to your business. 

What I like the most about this Reddit automation tool is that it has proxy support, so you won’t get detected even if you are operating more than one account. 

Are Reddit automation tools effective? 

Yes, they are, provided you use them moderately and safely. Numerous Reddit marketers have agreed that they have helped them get more engagements and leads. If you use them correctly, they can help save a lot of your time and effort. 

Be careful while using them though. Since the process is fully automated, chances are there that you could end up spamming others, which could get you banned. Redditors hate marketers, especially the ones who engage in too much self-promotion. So, be crafty enough while drafting auto responses. 

Final words on best Reddit automation tools 

ABS Reddit bot, Upvote space, and Reddit Master were some of the tools that closely missed being a part of my list. That’s because they do not have as much scope for marketers as the above-mentioned tools have. You may still check them out for a fair comparison. 

I hope this blog helps you find what you are looking for. To make optimum of the ‘front page of the internet’, you may want to check out our various how-to guides such as How to Go Viral on Reddit, How to Crosspost on Reddit, How to go Incognito on Reddit, How to Tell if You’ve Been Shadowbanned on Reddit, and many more. 

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