Using Notifier for LinkedIn Social Listening

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This is going to be a quick video on how you can use our new Linkedin Searcher in order to perform social listening on Linkedin. 

The first step, of course, is to create a Searcher that has Linkedin as one of the platforms that you want to search on. I have already done that but just to show you how easy that is, you can simply go to Add Searcher and just simply make sure that Linkedin is one of the platforms that is selected. 

So what we’re going to look at is I’m currently searching for a social listening tool, that String and Linkedin is included on those platforms. So let’s click on View Results and let’s see if we’ve gotten any results for Linkedin. Wow, so as it happens, we’ve got a lot of results for Linkedin. The first one occurred or the most recent one occurred 11 hours ago. So it says, “Why it’s a bad idea to use listening technology?”. That’s interesting to me, that sounds like this result could be relevant to our own product. 

Now likely, you would be searching for something else so you will have to make your own determination as to whether or not this result could be relevant to you and whether or not you would want to look at it. And if you do want to look at it, just simply click here, it will load the actual URL. As we can see, this is actually an article by a person that’s talking about using listening technology everywhere. And this is a very interesting article. This could possibly be very relevant to us. So if I was actually going through and doing this for real right now, I might want to connect with this person or possibly comment on the blog post in order to kind of get their attention and anyone else who’s reading this. Another thing to keep in mind is, as you can see, this is actually published on Oct 6, 2015. So right now, the results can be from any time but let us know if you need us to add filtering to these Linkedin Searchers to where we only get results that have occurred after the Searcher was created for example because we could do that. Or possibly even provide a date range like nothing older than 2 years ago or something. So simply just let us know if you’re interested in that. 

Now, let’s go back and see another result to kind of further illustrate this. This article I’ve already looked up before doing this video and it’s about a social media crisis plan. As you can see, it is also published in 2015 and this is a fantastic article that I’ve actually read. This person’s detailing, you know, what you have to do for a social media crisis plan. And this is, also for us, really really really relevant to our product and this is another example of a person we could reach out to and maybe follow, get ideas from, or possibly connect with them and convince them to try to use Notifier, may get them to use our affiliate program, things like that. And even commenting on the article can be very helpful. As you can see, I’ve done that here. 

A couple of things I want to highlight about this. Here, as you can see, I’m actually asking a question. I have found and people have actually recommended to me that asking questions can be much much more engaging than simply making statements. So asking a question related to your product or the niche that you’re in could be very very powerful. That’s why I’m doing that here. Also, because we’re curious. This is actually a very relevant question for us. Obviously, this person is an expert so we’re very interested in what other tools they have used. 

Then I mentioned we are thinking of adding this as a feature in Notifier and that is obviously entirely true. We’re thinking of adding a feature where it’s possible to measure and get alerted when your mentions for any platform increase by a certain amount which may then indicate that you may have a crisis going on, right? So this article is extremely relevant to us and we feel that if you leverage Linkedin Searcher, you can find a lot of other examples for your own products or your own brand of times when for you to come in and market yourself or simply be aware or gather intelligence, use that intelligence to drive the direction of your products. There is a lot of possibilities here. We have one customer who’s using the Linkedin Searcher to actually reach out and look for guest posting opportunities as well as opportunities to get backlinks basically for their own product. So there’s a lot of interesting things you can do here when you have the power to get notified when certain keywords occur on Linkedin and other platforms like this. And one thing, I do want to mention is along the lines of what are our Searchers seeing and they can see whatever the Search Engines can see. So any publicly facing content on Linkedin, that includes this blog post, certain updates that people give that you would see in your feed that is also public and the also Linkedin profiles would also show up as long as their public. 

And finally, one other feature that we’ve added recently that I’d just want to mention very quickly. As many of you know, we’ve always had or at least for the past few months, we’ve had the ability for you to select all the results on a page and then you can delete those results by clicking on Delete Selected. Now, though, we’ve also added a Delete All button which will delete all of your results in one go. And this can be good whenever maybe you haven’t checked the Searcher in a while and you’ve got a lot of older results that are not relevant for you, you can easily delete those. Or as can happen sometimes, if you’ve maybe created the Searcher originally with a more broad keyword, and later when you narrow that down and get rid of those other old results that are not relevant to use, this is a great way to do this. 

And with this in mind, I’m going to include a link in this video to the platform we use for upvoting features and you can go there. It’s Upvoty, a fantastic platform that we highly recommend and you can go there and add a new feature request for us, you can report a bug, you can upvote other feature requests that other people put in and you can also kind of see what we’re currently working on. So we would love for you all to go visit us and interact with us there. 

And as usual, if you have any questions at all, you can contact us on Twitter, you can message us with our messaging box, the live chat functionality here and of course, you can send us an email and we will respond as quickly as we can. We love hearing from our customers. We are, of course, conducting customer interviews right now so that is a fantastic way for you to meet with us, perhaps get ideas from us and of course, we can get ideas from you so let us know if interested in that. 

We have a lot of great functionality coming out over the next few months and we hope you’re very very excited about that. And another thing I want to mention is that we are going to be adding a lot more Youtube videos over the next few months so feel free to like the video, subscribe to the video and that will definitely help us know how interested all of you are in our videos so feel free to do that. 

And we would also love for you all to shoot us a quick email with any strategies and tips that you found for kind of marketing your products and managing your brands. We’ve already heard some very very interesting stories that people have shared with us. Especially we’re getting very interested in this concept of managing existing brands. We’re seeing more larger, even some very very well-known brands who are signing up for Notifier and we’re very interested in ways in which you are leveraging Notifier to kind of watch for mentions of your own brand. And what we are going to be doing, we are going to be adding more blog articles over the next few months. We would love to add with some of your own strategies, finding out what you are using Notifier for and how helpful it’s been to you. We will, of course, write that article. We have some fantastic writers available and then of course, we will end that article with mentions of your product and include a link back so that people can find you. So it’s a fantastic opportunity for you to market yourself and as well as for us to get marketed from your comment and people learning about how you’re using Notifier. And thank you so much. That’s it for this video. Until next time!

Did you know LinkedIn is the oldest social media platform that we still use today?

It is also the most-trusted social media platform in the US

It may not be one of the largest social websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Yet, just like Reddit, it has a more sincere audience. What started as a recruitment platform, has now emerged as a professional network of people who are interested in educating, informing, and even helping each other. 

And yet, a lot of businesses are reluctant to explore Linkedin’s true potential (and Reddit’s too. Read this article to understand what you are missing out on by not marketing on Reddit). 

That’s because LinkedIn Stats look less impressive to marketers than Facebook and Instagram’s stats. Although the numbers are much smaller, LinkedIn, when used correctly, can help you track discussions related to your brand or industry, participate in those discussions, provide better customer service, reach out to high-potential leads, gain more business, and emerge as a strong brand. It is equally effective for B2B as well as B2C companies. 

Wondering why? 

16 million LinkedIn members are influencers and 40 million hold decision-making positions

It is the most-used social media platform amongst Fortune 500 companies. 

80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn social listening has seen an upsurge in the past few months 

Social media marketing stats

To stay ahead with this trend, we too have updated our tool so it can help you track important LinkedIn marketing opportunities as well as brand mentions. 

Notifier’s LinkedIn monitoring process is extremely simple. Its filters can help you eliminate less-worthy results, so you can quickly identify and react to the most relevant ones. If you haven’t used Notifier yet, we recommend that you take up the 7-day free trial that we are offering. It will help you understand how this tool works and how you can use it to boost your business. 

In this blog, we will explain more about the importance of LinkedIn social listening and how you can get started with it. We will also brief you about the free LinkedIn monitoring tool and why it is not effective enough to rely on. 

Before you go, would you be interested in learning why social media listening has become a trend that no business can afford to ignore

Benefits of LinkedIn Social Listening 

  1. Connect with the people that matter the most to your business                          

The effectiveness of your LinkedIn marketing strategies highly depends on the quality of your social circle. It makes no sense to spend hours and days creating quality content unless it reaches the right audience.   

This is where most people fail. They start sending and accepting requests from people half a world away, who aren’t remotely relevant to their business.    

Do not connect with random people 

Instead of haphazardly sending and accepting connection requests, you should focus on connecting with only people who matter to your business.  This article published on LinkedIn can help you understand how to filter out unwanted connection requests and choose the right ones. 

The above article suggests a passive approach; i.e. it helps you decide which connection requests to accept. But, it doesn’t address how to find people to whom you can send connection requests. That’s where LinkedIn social listening can help. 

Linkedin monitoring can help you discover your target audience 

Don’t know what’s the difference between social media listening and social media monitoring? Can’t decide which one is correct for you? 

Relax! These words are often used interchangeably and they are almost the same. 

The only major difference is that social media monitoring or LinkedIn monitoring will help you track your brand mentions on the mention of the keywords relevant to your business whereas LinkedIn social listening (or social media listening in general) will provide you with an in-depth analysis of these mentions. You can then use the information for creating a more effective, highly influential LinkedIn marketing strategy. 

Read this article to understand the difference between social media listening and social media monitoring

Let’s now understand how LinkedIn monitoring/listening can help build a strong social network. 

  • LinkedIn listening tools like Notifier can help you track the discussions related to your business or industry. You can do that by searching for the relevant keywords. 
  • You can then check the profiles of people who are involved in the discussion. 
  • Then, you can send connection requests to the ones who hold prominent decision-making positions and bingo! 

Please note: 

example of how to create an impressive LinkedIn connection request email

While sending connection requests, do not send the default message that LinkedIn shows. Rather, take some time and create a customized message to make a long-lasting first impression. 

Also, make sure your profile is complete and sounds credible. Those who receive your connection request will obviously check out your profile to see if you are worthy of being in their circle. Do not leave them guessing. Include all relevant information. This article has more tips for you. 

Here are some more social media dos and don’t that you must know to be successful on LinkedIn and other platforms. 

2. Participate in industry-related discussion and build your reputation 

Well, why would anyone bother to connect with you unless you prove yourself worthy? Just like you, they too want to have only the most relevant people in their social circle. 

To prove that you are a legitimate, sincere, responsible, well-informed person or brand, you need to be more active on LinkedIn. And, the best way to do that is to post enriching content that informs, educates, helps, and entertains people. Publish this content on your LinkedIn page, your website’s blog, or just use that to answer questions. 

LinkedIn social listening can help you craft an impactful content strategy 

Content is king and will always be. 

If you have read this article this far, you surely can understand that the only thing that has kept you hooked is the information mentioned here. Not words; only the information that educates you and entertains too!

So, how do you find out the content ideas that could interest your audience? 

Yes, you guessed it right. Social listening and monitoring tools for LinkedIn can help. You can use them to track discussions related to your business and then write content that addresses those discussions. 

For example; if you are a VPN provider and you come across discussions where people are talking about their bad experience from their current provider, don’t you think they will be highly interested in an article titled ‘Don’t make these mistakes while choosing a VPN provider’. You can write that blog and then share it among the group. 

Use Linkedin Monitoring to identify brand-building opportunities 

example of lead generation opportunity on LinkedIn

Once you have published some highly engaging content on your LinkedIn page and your blog, you can utilize it for building your brand’s reputation. 

Set alerts for all keywords relevant to your business and pick up those discussions where you can (and you should) participate. Participate in those discussions only by adding value to them. Do not just rewrite something that is already mentioned. Write something that makes sense. Direct people to your blogs or articles if you have already written something related to the topic of discussion. 

When you participate in those discussions and voice your ideas or opinion, people will start perceiving you as a well-informed, authoritative brand or person. They will want to connect with you. 

Participating in industry-related discussions, webinars, podcasts, etc. will help you get more relevant connection requests. 

3- Identify opportunities to market your business 

That’s your ultimate goal, isn’t it?

Thankfully, LinkedIn marketing is much more effective than other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok where you are most likely going to find a generalized audience who is interested in anything and everything (or maybe not interested at all). And that’s why LinkedIn ads are much more expensive than Facebook

Don’t have the budget to advertise yourself? Don’t worry; you can still reach out to your potential buyers using LinkedIn monitoring. 

LinkedIn social listening tools can help you identify leads or lead generating discussions 

Social Media lead generation stats

The process is the same. You can use searchers to monitor and track the discussions where people are asking about recommendations related to what you offer. You can also use these tools to monitor any negative discussions happening around your competitors. These people are your potential customers. All you need to do is to reach them out. 

If they are in your circle you can message them directly. If they are not, you can send them a connection request and then take it forward. You can also directly comment on their posts and introduce yourself, which will have a wider reach. 

Here are some more tips on how you can effectively market your business on social media

4- Divert traffic to your website 

Why not? 

The more traffic you divert to your website, the more will be your conversion rate (provided you have a well-built landing page). If you have recently launched a side project or an app, this form of LinkedIn marketing can help you get your first 1000 users. Details here

While participating in relevant discussions, make sure to genuinely include a link to your website’s landing page or blog, or any other page that you believe will serve your purpose. Do not spam; include a link only if it sounds relevant. Spamming can tarnish your reputation. 

The purpose of LinkedIn social listening is not only to get you more business but also to help improve your brand’s reach and reputation. Your target audience may not be looking for your services yet but if you work hard to leave a positive impression in their mind, they may consider you whenever they have a need. 

5- Find influencers in your industry and use them 

LinkedIn influencers are followed by CEOs, CFOs, and other authoritative people. They are the decision-makers of their company and they trust what the influencers say. So, it totally makes sense to identify and reach them out. 

You can ask them to review your product and recommend you to their circle if they find you worthy enough. It works because the opinion of the influencers is much more impactful than general customer reviews. 

Use LinkedIn monitoring tools to identify the influencers 

LinkedIn influencer marketing is in its nascent stage unlike Instagram and Pinterest but it still has a very high conversion rate. So, do not keep it off the list. 

Examine your search results thoroughly and identify people who are quite active and engaging. Pick those who have an authoritative position and a huge fan base or a large number of connections. These people are your influencers. 

Choose niche influencers because they will take interest in your brand. Big-time influencers like Bill Gates or Sara Blakely aren’t going to bother about you. 

Now that we know the benefits of LinkedIn social listening, let’s take a look at the tools that you can use for that. 

Tools that you can use for LinkedIn monitoring 

If you are looking for free LinkedIn social listening tools, you can use LinkedIn analytics

To access your data, you can do the steps mentioned in the image below: 

Steps to access your LinkedIn analytics stats

Please note that since LinkedIn analytics is free, you mustn’t expect too much from it. This free LinkedIn monitoring tool doesn’t provide you with accurate search results. It also misses a lot of important results. Basically, it has a lot of room for improvement. If you are serious about monitoring LinkedIn for lead generation, brand building, etc., you should opt for paid tools instead. 

Majority of social media listening tools support LinkedIn. You can use any one of your choice but if you are looking for an affordably-priced tool, we would recommend Notifier. 

Notifier is the most affordable LinkedIn social listening tool 

Well, we are not recommending Notifier because it is our tool; we are recommending it because it is one of the best affordable social listening tools that provides enterprise-level features. This article provides a detailed comparison of Notifier and other popular tools. Read it and you will be surprised to learn that other social listening tools charge you a whopping amount to provide the same features that we provide at probably ½ or 1/3rd of their price (or even less). 

It’s not just about the cost. Notifier provides some of those features that you can’t expect from any other affordable tool. For example; only a few tools have a mobile-friendly website and most of them are quite expensive. None of the tools provide free data export with their basic plan. This is a premium feature available only with the pro plans that usually cost hundreds of dollars. 

Notifier provides accurate, more specific results

Unlike LinkedIn analytics, Notifier provides whole words search, Boolean search, and string search; features that can help you get more relevant, specified results. The better results you get, the better LinkedIn marketing strategy you will be able to make. 

Notifier is the fastest LinkedIn monitoring tool 

We bet it is. Feel free to compare us with any other social listening tool of your choice. 

Notifier can alert you within seconds, so you can join the conversation right when it is hot and active instead of replying after days when participants have turned cold. 

The best part is that you don’t need to remain hooked to our dashboard to see the latest happenings. We can send you real-time alerts, hourly alerts, daily alerts, etc. as per your needs. 

Don’t take our words for granted. Feel free to compare us with whatever tool you like 

This article lists 20 best social listening tools of 2021. You can compare Notifier with any of these tools or maybe some other tool that isn’t listed here. Don’t compare us only based on the price and features included in the price plan. For an unbiased comparison, please take up free trials of a few tools including Notifier and then see how each of them works. 

We bet you will agree that Notifier doesn’t come with a learning curve and yet it helps you identify those conversations, communities, and people that are most relevant to your brand/business. Once you have got this information, it is up to you to decide how you want to utilize the LinkedIn social listening data. 

If you have any query/suggestion, please feel free to get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you.