How to See Who You Follow on Reddit

Reddit is among the most renowned websites globally, with hundreds of million users. The website is primarily a community-driven platform where users join various communities – subreddits – and see content posted on such a subreddit.

At first, users could only follow subreddits, but that soon changed when the website enabled users to follow other users. As a result, users could see the posts of persons they followed on their home feed.

However, until recently, users could only view their follower count while being unable to view additional details about their followers. After various updates from Reddit, users can now view and manage their list of followers.

Depending on your Reddit platform, there are different ways to check the people you follow. Here is how you can view people you follow on different platforms:

Viewing People You Follow on the Reddit iOS or Android App

Reddit mobile interface
Reddit mobile interface

Viewing the list of people you follow on the android or iOS app comprises about the same steps. On your app’s homepage, click on the three-line icon at the top left corner. Doing that will open a left panel that shows various information, including your recently visited subreddit, your favorite subreddit, and all the subreddits you are a member of. Scrolling past these categories will bring you information about the people you follow. 

Then see this area:

Viewing People You Follow on the Reddit Mobile Website

Viewing the list of people you follow on the Reddit mobile website is slightly trickier. This is because the mobile website merges your subreddits and people you follow in one category; communities. This makes it harder to pick out.

However, because the list of communities follows an alphabetical order, with persons you follow represented as u/xxx, you can find all the persons you follow by scrolling to the letter U in your communities.

To get there, click on a similar three-line icon next to the pen icon on the top right corner of your screen. Doing this will open a right panel comprising information, including the link to your profile, your inbox, coins, communities, chats, and many more. Click on “My Communities,” and a dropdown displays all the subreddits you have joined and the users you follow.

Viewing People You Follow on the Reddit desktop website

Finding the users you follow is less tricky on the desktop website. You simply click on the dropdown icon at the top left corner of your screen, next to the “home” text. The dropdown panel displays a filter box, your communities, and the users you follow, among other information. Depending on how many communities you have joined, you simply have to scroll down till you find the users you follow.

How to Follow a User on Reddit

Similar to knowing the people you follow on Reddit, there are various ways to follow a user on Reddit, depending on the platform you use.

Desktop website

Following a user has never been easier than it is on the Reddit desktop website. Ideally, you search out the person’s username via the search bar at the top middle of your screen. When the search bar reveals the user, clicking on the user’s name will take you to their profile.

While on the user’s profile, you can simply click on the “follow” text next to the “chat” text. Alternatively, if you discover the user on your homepage or in any subreddit, hovering your cursor over the user’s username will display a small pop-up that includes a “follow” option.

Reddit app

On the Reddit app, you can equally search for the user you intend to follow and click on the name when the search result brings it. Doing this will take you to such a user’s profile. You can follow the user by clicking on the “follow” icon at the top right corner of your device’s screen.

Likewise, if you randomly come across a user you intend to follow while scrolling through a community, you can click such a user’s username above the post. This will display a pop-up that includes the option to follow the user.

Mobile website

Similar to identifying your followers on the Reddit mobile website, following a user is slightly trickier on the mobile website than on other platforms. On the website, posts do not include the users who make them, unlike on the desktop website and mobile application. As such, you require clicking on the post to view the user.

After the website reveals the user, clicking on the user’s username will take you to their profile, where you can easily follow such a user. Likewise, the search bar is not readily displayed. To search for a user, you need to click on the three-line icon at the top right corner of the screen. This will reveal a left panel that discloses the search bar. Here, you can search for the user you wish to follow.

Why you may be unable to follow a user

You may run into a few challenges preventing you from following a user on Reddit. Here are some of the reasons why you may be unable to follow a user on Reddit:

New account

New accounts are typically barred from various activities because their karma is too low. Reddit karma is akin to a user’s Reddit score. It totals a user’s amount of upvotes against their downvotes. Karma comes in Post and Comment Karma, and adding both gives you your total karma score.

New users with low karma are limited from engaging in some activities, including following a user. Nevertheless, as your account ages and develops karma points, you will be able to follow users of your choice.

Blocked user

Naturally, you cannot follow a user if the user has blocked you. If a user blocks you, you will be unable to access their profile. Similarly, when a user blocks you, you will be unable to see their comments and post in communities as they will look like they have been deleted.

You will also be unable to reply, vote on, or award a user’s posts or comments in communities if such a user has blocked you. Likewise, you will also be unable to message or send the user chat requests directly.

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