Unlock the Power of Public Opinion

Empower Your research, analysis, and decision making with access to our Reddit datatset


🚀 Market Research and Trend Analysis

Stay ahead of the curve by identifying emerging trends, popular topics, and consumer preferences on Reddit. Inform your marketing strategies with powerful insights derived from real user-generated content.

🔬 Academic Research

Empower your academic research with rich and relevant data from the world’s largest online forum. Use our Reddit dataset to support your hypotheses, validate your theories, and contribute to new knowledge in your field.

🌐 Social Media Monitoring

Monitor your brand’s online presence and reputation on Reddit. Stay informed of any mentions, discussions, or feedback to better understand your audience and enhance your customer relations.

🤖 AI and Machine Learning Projects

Fuel your AI and machine learning algorithms with a wealth of textual data. Train your models on diverse, user-generated content to improve their performance and capabilities.


🔎 Access to the entire Reddit dataset for the past 12 months

Dive into a comprehensive collection of Reddit posts, comments, and metadata from the past year. Stay ahead of the game with the most recent and relevant data at your disposal.

📄 Results in JSON format

Get the data you need in a universally compatible JSON format, perfect for integrating into your projects or applications with ease.

📊 Filter by activity, votes, and more

Find the information that matters to you most with advanced filtering options. Sort and filter by activity, upvotes, downvotes, comment count, and more to narrow down your search.

🔍 Search by keywords, subreddit, and more

Easily discover the content you’re looking for with our powerful search feature. Search by keywords, subreddit, user, or any other specific criteria to find exactly what you need.

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