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Notifier is a fantastic way to get notified when your product, competitors, or potential keywords customers might mention occur on Lobste.rs.

What is Lobste.rs?

Lobste.rs is a niche development focused community that allows its users to post content and then to discuss that content through comments.

It was started by a user who was banned from hacker news and the format is very similar to hacker news in a lot of respects. Users up-vote content that they think is valuable and then comment on the content.

Lobste.rs is actually more exclusive than hacker news as you can only become a user by getting an invite to the community.

We added Lobste.rs as a platform that Notifier supports because of user requests on Reddit.

How to get started

After creating an account for Notifier Simply go to our Add Searcher Page:

Then select Lobste.rs as one of the platforms. Keep in mind that you can select multiple platforms but for this example we will only be doing Lobste.rs.

Next choose how you want us to alert you about new Lobste.rs keyword matches. We suggest email if you're just starting out.

Note though that we also support plaintext emails, web hooks, slack and we are adding support for a lot more notification platforms. If you have one you want please simply suggest it to us

Now you need to choose when you want us to alert you for new Lobste.rs matches.

Finally enter in the string that you would want to search for on Lobste.rs.

We suggest everyone search for the following:

  1. Mentions of your own product/brand/startup
  2. Mentions of your competitors product/brand/startup
  3. Keywords that your potential customers might mention

Want more information on this including examples? See our article on What we Recommend Every Company Search for using Notifier

Finally, you just need to select certain Lobste.rs specific options for your Searcher that will help you narrow down what you are searching for.

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