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How Notifier Helps You Become the Hero

Why use Notifier?

Protect Your Brand

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Searching for mentions of your own Brand or Product name is essential to prevent damaging issues like this. We recommend responding as quickly as possible to drive the conversation and show customers you care. For more information see our popular article on How to Protect Your Brand With Social Listening

Find New Customers

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Using Internet listening in order to find new customers and generate leads is incredibly powerful! It’s actually still the primary way we market Notifier. Internet listening is much more affordable than using Ads or SEO. It’s also possible for new brands to leverage it which is harder to do with both SEO and Ads. We highly recommend investing in a Virtual Assistant to help you once you have found your keyords. For More information see our most popular article: The Ultimate Guide to Generating Leads with Internet Listening

Get Customer Feedback

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We have had multiple large brands that are used in Notifier in order to monitor Reddit and Twitter for product feedback. The largest brands in the world amazingly. The reason for this is it’s very hard to get product feedback from within your Product (especially at scale) but on social platforms people give it readily. For More information see our popular article: Build Better Products by Leveraging Social Listening for Customer Feedback

Track and Analyze

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Track your mentions and their related sentiment over time to see how your marketing efforts are performing. Tracking your Brand’s performance on public platforms like Twitter and Reddit is the best analog for understanding how the world really views your brand.

Monitor Ticker Mentions

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We have many financial firms and traders using Notifier to track and understand mentions of both Stock and Crypto Tickers across Twitter, Reddit, and the other platforms we support. For More information see our free tool: Trending Stocks on Reddit

How it works?

Create a Searcher and choose the platforms it should search

Choose how we should alert you

Tell us when to alert you

Input what to search for and add filters to refine your search

Notifier will alert you when it detects a new match!

What People Are Saying

Notifier’s brand listening tool is a great leap beyond using tools such as Google Trends and even Ahref’s brand mentions. During my time using Notifier, I received hundreds more competitor brand mentions from social media than any of the other tools I had previously used.

Eleanor Bennett

Content Strategist at competitiveinsight.io

I’m still that insane founder who will troll Reddit and look for mentions of ‘rental car’, ‘car rental’, our competitors, etc. to pipe in and let people know there’s a website out there that digs deeper and finds you a better deal. Notifier has been invaluable in this regard.

Jonathan Weinberg

Co-Founder and CEO at AutoSlash

Cool project! You’ve got a new customer. I tested out a comment and got a notification in less than a minute. I set up the same search with f5bot and haven’t received any notification (5 mins and counting)


Reddit User

Notifier was super important to me in order to monitor what was being said about my website (good and bad) and respond quickly to any further questions that could arise.

Bruno Brito

Founder of pesmyclubguide.com

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A Very useful tool for startups like ours trying to laser in on real conversations about the use case we’re working on.

Carlos Avendano

CEO and Co-Founder at onskate.io

I’m launching an app and Notifier has already been very helpful in catching reddit posts, generating 30 or so downloads on my first day using it.

Pat May

Co-Founder at getpropa.com

Notifier is providing excellent insights into key topics that our newest business, MessageUp, is monitoring in the B2B content marketing domain.

Matt Bell

Co-Founder MessageUp

I had been using Google Alerts which is like a fire hose! Notifier provides results that are more refined.

Benjamin Read

Developer Relations at webiny.com

This is a great product, and I will recommend it to my friends!

Seena Makari

Co-Founder and CEO of Ogma

Notifier allows me as an SEO specialist to set up deep dive “keyword driven” Searching expeditions while I am away doing other things. When it finds something, it lets me know all in one easy to sort container. So far, this tool has helped me find digital marketing secrets that I would have otherwise missed. This is a game-changer bot for your agency if you know how to use it!

Joseph S. Kahn

President of Hum JAM

Frequently Asked Questions

What Platforms do you support?

We support Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Hacker News.

Why do you not support Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok?

Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok do not make it possible to search their platforms.

Can you add support for a platform not listed above?

It’s possible! Please contact us so we can chat more.

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Do you have historical data?

We are working on keeping 30 days of historical data for all platforms and that should be available soon. For Reddit we have a massive dataset going back all the way to the beginning of Reddit. If you would like to request access please fill out this form.

Or ask a question right now below:

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