You are missing out by not marketing on Reddit

Are you one of those companies that haven’t ever tried Reddit or have tried and failed miserably? 

Don’t worry; you are not alone. Reddit is one of the trickiest social media platforms to crack. Even big brands such as Budweiser, Redbull, and McDonald’s have struggled hard to enjoy a bit of success there. 

Reddit is quite different from other social sites such as Facebook and Twitter, where users are tolerant of self-promotion and branded content. Redditors (that what the Reddit users are called), on the other hand, are looking for meaningful content such as tips and tricks, life-hacks, first-hand experiences, suggestions and recommendations, etc. If a post provides no value or sounds promotional or branded, they will start downvoting it and soon it will get buried under other posts. But, if a post is truly engaging and valuable, the redditors will upvote it and it will remain at the top. 

Reddit has a simple working procedure. Do it right (i.e. provide value to others) and you will be able to create a reputation for your brand or yourself. You will be able to direct a good amount of traffic to your website or wherever you want. Do it wrong (i.e. post branded content, which doesn’t interest redditors) and your post will be buried at the bottom of the discussion. 

Reddit marketing is complicated. It isn’t as easy as uploading a video of your new product or sharing news about your latest offers. It requires you to remain neutral and provide value to the community and this requires brainstorming. Most businesses do not want to do so much work or do not bother about being on Reddit. 

If you are one of them, you will be surprised to know that: 

These statistics prove that if you want to :

  • Increase your reach among your buyers and prospects 
  • Build a positive brand image
  • Emerge as an industry leader and trendsetter
  • Influence your prospects
  • Stop misinformation and misconception regarding your business
  • Grow your business 

You cannot afford to stay out of Reddit. If you do, your competitors will lure away all your prospects and unhappy customers. 

Say you own a home gym equipment brand. Some Redditors may be asking for recommendations for ‘best home gym elliptical’ or ‘cheapest but safe power rack’. If you are there, you can immediately recommend your products in the most neutral way. The comment could be like ‘I have tried ABC elliptical. It costs a bit more than PQR and XYZ but it has some good safety features so your kids won’t hurt themselves accidentally’. Maybe something like ‘Cheap power racks often tend to slip. I would recommend ABC power rack. I have it at home. See how stable it is in his video.’  Maybe you can share some of your videos or blog posts on how to choose a squat rack or how to exercise safely on a power rack. 

If you aren’t on Reddit, you will miss these opportunities and your smart competitor will take away all of them and even your unhappy buyer. Say, some Redditors are complaining about your products. Now, if you don’t respond to those discussions on time, soon there will be many more negative posts about you. These posts will tarnish your brand’s image and leave a negative impression on your prospects. You need to handle those things promptly BUT without disappointing the fellow redditors. 

Here are some Reddit marketing tips that will help you safely crack this massive social media platform: 

  • As mentioned above, never post anything that sounds like an advertisement or self-promotion. Such content will quickly get downvoted or marked as spam. 
  • While posting anything, be it a genuine answer to a question, a helpful video, or a funny meme on a subject, ask yourself if it is of any value to the other Redditors. Share only interesting content, even if it has nothing to do with your business. 
  • Identify the communities and subreddits that are relevant to your industry and try to engage with them creatively. Engage with only those subreddits that are most relevant to your business. Finding the right community and the right posts or finding the mention of your brand or your competitors’ is not going to be easy there. You would require Reddit tracking tools such as Notifier. These tools can help you track every mention of your brand and all the keywords relevant to your business.  
  • Keep your posts short and extremely engaging. It could be a startling fact, the latest significant happening, a significant question, or anything that is sure to get immediate attention. You can always include a link with your post to direct people there. See how Xboxone is doing here
  • Track wherever your brand is mentioned and respond to Redditors talking about you. Engage with them in a meaningful way. Make sure you resolve their complaints and address their queries. Notifier can help you with this.
  • If required, create a subreddit. As mentioned, there are already millions of communities and subreddits. You may not have to create a new one but if you think a specific aspect is missing and a new subreddit would be a good idea, do it. 
  • If you are willing to pay, you may opt for sponsored content. 

The last suggestion we have for you is to be patient. Reddit won’t make sense to you initially but once you get familiarized with its rules and concept, you will surely find success there. 

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