What Is People Search Software and How Can It Generate Leads?

gathering leads online
gathering leads online

Finding sales leads can be a time-consuming and arduous process; searching through inaccurate and out-of-date information sources can yield useless results and endless frustration. Luckily, modern technology has the answer: people search software. With people search software, you can find quality leads that garner a far higher conversion rate and more money in your pocket.

What is People Search Software?

People search software uses a combination of public records and other databases to find out specific details on a given individual. This software can be used to find a missing person, reconnect with an old friend, or in the case of business, generate useful sales leads

Conducting a people search can show you a variety of useful details, including:

●       Current & Past Addresses
●       Phone Number(s)
●       Email Address(es)
●       Social & Web Accounts
●       Relatives & Relationships
●       Property and Asset Records
●       Arrest Records
●       Criminal Records
●       Traffic Violations
●        Judgments & Liens
●       Images & Videos
●       Employment & Education
●       Unclaimed Funds
●       Vital Records
●       Professional Licenses
●       Political Contributions
●       Bankruptcy Filings

How Can People Search Software Generate Leads?

Using a people search engine can provide essential information to get the most out of your sales campaigns; here are four ways you can use people search software to generate brand new sales leads:

  • Email lookup: Person search software can provide countless email addresses you can use to cast a wider net with your email marketing campaigns. With 4.3 billion people using email worldwide, email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to generate new sales leads. A higher pool of addresses to draw from increases your chances of conversion and helps you more easily reach your goal targets.
  • Current & Past Addresses: 70% of polled consumers said direct mail felt more personal than online advertisements. But without a sufficient amount of home addresses, a direct mailing campaign is dead in the water. With person search software, you can retrieve current and past addresses on any individual and generate profitable direct mail marketing leads.
  • Social Media Accounts: While social media marketing is still in its infancy, the industry is predicted to hit $173 million in ad spending by the end of 2022. With a person search, you can get a complete map of a person’s social media presence. This data will allow you to use highly-effective targeted advertising to get more valuable leads. These campaigns often have higher conversion rates overall because the ads are more tailor-made.
  • Phone Numbers: Phone marketers estimate that only 27% of their cold calling yields positive results. Getting valid leads from a phone marketing campaign means the higher the volume, the better. A high-volume strategy naturally requires as many telephone numbers as possible. People search software can provide these numbers, thereby increasing the conversion potential of your campaign.

How Can I Validate These Leads? 

Whatever your scoring criteria are, leads will likely have to meet a certain standard to be considered valid. To validate the information you generate from conducting a person search, you’ll need to sort your findings into sales and non-sales leads. Separating the data into these two types will allow you to determine how much value the leads have for gaining new customers. Then, you can use this data to compare different lead generation techniques to see which is the most effective for your company.

Quality Leads Only Come From Quality Services

Make sure to only use high-quality people search software; otherwise, you may end up with most of your generated leads being categorized as non-sales. The best way to guarantee a much higher valid lead rate is by utilizing the best person search possible. If possible, find a service with per-search pricing; this allows you to try a search engine without signing up for a subscription.