What Font Does Twitter Use?

Not every social media network is the same. Twitter maintains its supremacy by providing maximum accessibility for both personal and corporate businesses. It does so while taking into account the characteristics of its display. This is because, in addition to utility, visual attractiveness has an impact on how people perceive social media.

On Twitter, there is no lack of interesting content. Users communicate their views and opinions in short messages or postings. Each of these posts on Twitter is referred to as a tweet. Posts that are both interesting and useful can keep visitors coming back to the site. Stylish fonts, on the other hand, make them even easier and more appealing to read.

Twitter’s fonts have changed several times over the years. So, in both the app and the browser, what font does Twitter use?

Before the latest update Twitter’s mobile app, like most other social networking platforms, adopted the system font. Its browser/web version, on the other hand, uses a range of fonts across various platforms. Let’s have a look at how the Twitter web font looks on different devices.

The Fonts Twitter Uses

The font for Twitter for Android, Mac, and Windows devices is shown below.

  • Android apps of Twitter used Roboto Font.
  • iOS app of Twitter used San Francisco font.
  • Twitter’s Mac version adopts the Helvetica Neue font.
  • Twitter uses the Arial and ‘Segoe UI’ fonts for the Windows version.

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Latest Update (August 2021)

Twitter recently had a facelift, and you may have noticed that something appears a little different as you scroll. You’ll undoubtedly notice a change in the font as you examine the tweets more closely – and you’re right. If you’re curious about Twitter’s new font, here’s everything you need to know.

Twitter unveiled a new font dubbed “Chirp” — its first-ever custom typeface — along with other design modifications on Wednesday, Aug. 11, and it’s taking some time for people to get used to it.

The new font is the company’s first since a four-month experiment in 2014, and it was developed with the help of Swiss company Grilli Type Foundry. Chirp is a style that combines elements of American Gothic and European Grotesque. Although it has a neat appearance, some of the letters have somewhat rough edges.

Twitter previously utilized fonts that were selected by the device you were using. Tweets were displayed in San Francisco font on iOS, while Roboto and Segoe were displayed on Android and Windows, respectively.

It’s unclear whether the new “Chirp” font will be permanent on Twitter, but the release stated that it’s just “the beginning” of visual upgrades based on user feedback. You’ll need some time to adjust to Twitter’s new “Chirp” font, but it’ll be here for a while, so the best thing to do now is get used to your new scroll.

Easter Egg

Type “[CHIRPBIRDICON]” into your tweet and you’ll get an icon with the Twitter logo, as discovered by @wongmjane.

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