What Does “LRT” Mean on Twitter and Other Must-Know Twitter Abbreviations

Twitter allows its users just 280 characters to express themselves. This has naturally given birth to abbreviations and short-forms. Language on Twitter has become a mix of abbreviations, text slang, and other shortened forms to fit in everything you want to say in one Tweet. 

However, if you’ve recently opened your Twitter feed and it has left you wondering what does “LRT”, “CW”, “PB” or “RN” mean then you’re in the right place. Abbreviations on Twitter can leave your head buzzing. 

Here we have defined the most commonly used Twitter abbreviations, so it’s easier for you to connect with your audience and become part of the conversation. Let’s begin:

What Does LRT mean on Twitter?

If you’re wondering, what does “lrt” mean on Twitter, then it stands for “Last Retweet”. When you forward a tweet to your followers by someone, it is indicated through “RT”. When you add a comment to your retweet, it’s like you are making a new tweet. So, it’s used to indicate your last retweet. 

What Does CW mean on Twitter?

Next, for those confused about, what does “CW” means on Twitter, then CW stands for “content warning”. It is commonly used to warn about the sensitivity of the content. 

What Does PB mean on Twitter? 

PB refers to “personal best” on Twitter and is used as an abbreviation. 

What Does “RN” Mean on Twitter

RN on Twitter means “right now” and it is used to start a conversation with someone.

Other Twitter Abbreviations You Must Know

Just like on texts, users use many other abbreviations on the platform to get their point across in a limited space. Here are some common Twitter abbreviations with their meanings:

DM: DM is short for “direct message”. It is a private message that you send someone. You can only send a DM to someone who follows you.

FF or #FF: FF on Twitter stands for “Follow Friday”. Twitter users use #FF to give follow suggestions to others on Friday. You can search for the hashtag to find accounts to follow. 

PRT: PRT refers to “partial retweet”. It lets others know that you have taken out parts of the tweet to make space or add your own ideas.

RT: As mentioned above, RT means “retweet”. It is used to let others know that you are quoting someone or sharing their tweet because you think it is valuable.

Via: Sometimes Twitter users use via instead of RT to give credit to the original content owner.

BFN: BFN on Twitter means “bye for now”. It is a good one when you want to conclude a Twitter conversation with someone.

BR: BR means “Best Regards” and it is also used when you’re closing your conversation on Twitter.

EM: EM means “email me”.

ATM: ATM on Twitter means “at the moment”. 

ATP: ATP stands for “at this point”. Users quite often like to relate long stories on Twitter and ATP is used as a transitional phrase. 

HT: HT stands for “hat tip”. It is used before someone’s Twitter username to give them credit for your content idea.

Next time you see any of these abbreviations on Twitter, you can easily become part of the conversation as you know what it means. What are some other useful Twitter abbreviations? Share with us in the comments below for everyone’s benefit.