What Does “AVI” Stand for On Twitter and Other Twitter Lingo to Know

Twitter, with 206 million active daily users globally, is a great place to connect with like-minded individuals. You can form your own community and following by sharing your thoughts and opinions.  

What Does Twitter AVI mean?

However, each user on Twitter is identified by their username and Twitter profile. If you’ve come across the abbreviation “AVI” on Twitter, you must be wondering what does AVI stands for on Twitter. AVI means avatar, which refers to your Twitter profile. 

You can upload and change your Twitter profile picture as many times as you like. After all, it is a representation of yourself and the first impression people take away from your profile. 

To navigate Twitter, and become part of conversations online, there are many abbreviations you must know about. Due to the 280-character limit on Tweets, users have learnt to express themselves in lesser words. This means, using short forms or abbreviations for longer words and phrases. 

We have previously shed light on some must-know Twitter abbreviations here. Today we will talk about others, so that along with knowing what does avi stand for on Twitter, you are aware of other acronyms as well. 

Twitter Lingo You Must Know

Here are some more Twitter abbreviations that you can use in your Tweets to connect better with your followers. Let’s begin:

@: Not an abbreviation but this sign followed by someone’s username is a means to tag them on Twitter. When you tag someone, they get a notification about it and makes it easier to start a conversation

Tweeps: It refers to your social media friends. Especially your Twitter friends who also follow you on other social media platforms. Tweeps is a Twitter version of the term peeps.

Crank Tweet: A misleading tweet that is made on purpose is called a crank tweet.

FTW: FTW stands for “for the win” and is used to praise a Twitter user for something good they might have done. 

Fub free: Fub refers to “follow, unfollow, block” and some Twitter users may mention it in their bio to indicate that they won’t retaliate or become upset if you unfollow or block them. Accounts that post spoilers or temporarily post content that their followers may not like to see for the time being, often put this phrase in their bio.

IDK: Not really Twitter lingo but it stands for “I don’t know”. Typing the whole phrase can be too long in a limited character limit. 

ICYMI: Another interesting abbreviation is “ICYMI”, which stands for “In case you missed it”. It is often used when someone is tweeting about a trending topic or fact, a few days later. Searching ICYMI on twitter can help you catch up on things you must have missed on Twitter, if you were away.

IFYNYK: IFYKYK is short for “If you know, you know” and is used to main exclusivity in Tweets.

IMO or IMHO: “In my opinion” or “In my humble opinion” is used to share your opinion in agreement or disagreement of any statement shared on Twitter.

IJS: IJS stands for “I’m just saying”.

OOMF: OOMF is short for “one of my followers” and is used when you don’t want to mention anyone directly.

TFTF: To thank someone whose added you to their Twitter feed, you can use TFTF, which is short for “thanks for the follow”.

NTS: NTS is an acronym for “note to self”, used when you want to mark Tweets for later.

SMH: SMH is short for “shaking my head”. It is used in a tweet to show disbelief for the content someone is sharing.

TMB: TMB is meant to say “tweet me back”. It is used to seek an opinion or tweet from someone.

TBH: TBH means “ to be honest”. It can also be written as TBQH to mean, “to be quite honest”.

Now, you know what does avi stand for on Twitter and other Twitter abbreviations. It is not necessary to use them all but where possible it can help save space in Tweets. Let us know if you want to include anymore in this list?