We Now Support Boolean Operators in the Search String

As requested by our users we now support basic boolean operators AND and OR in the Search String!

For example, to get notified of all posts that include the strings dog and cat then you would type into the Search String field:

dog AND cat

To get notified of all posts that include the strings dog or the string cat then you would type into the Search String field:

dog OR cat

Note that dog or cat and dog and cat would not be valid boolean operators. They have to be capitalized.

So that is it! Pretty simple!

More Users

I have really been surprised by the number of new users we are getting!

It averages now about 5 new users per day on the weekdays. Weekends are less with about 2 new users a day. Not sure why there is a difference between weekend and weekday signups. I didn’t expect this! Maybe most of the users of the App have found it by browsing Reddit at work or something.

Regardless, at least more people are finding a use for the app!

Features in Development

Alerts of all new posts

This was recent request by a user and the idea if simple. If you enter a * into the Search String field and specify a subreddit then you would get notified of every new post that occurs in the subreddit.

I will be working on implementing this.

Regex Support

Apparently some users want to be able to use Regex!

Which is Ironic because the original name of the project was Grep Reddit!

This is a feature I may start looking back into. I have some concerns about Regex Injection that I need to research. There must be some kind of regex escaping library that will sanitize a string of possibly dangerous regex.

The strings would also not be able to be longer than 255 characters so that would help prevent someone from injecting a massive string of regex. In the spirit of long strings of Regex I also found this gem that is used to validate email addresses.

I will keep everyone informed on developments related to this feature!

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