We Built a Reddit Bot!

We decided to code up a fun and free Reddit Bot that anyone can use!

What it does

Respond to any Reddit post/comment with !NotifyMe anywhere in the comment and the bot will notify you when any comments are made on that object. Use it to follow posts or comments that you like, etc.

The Bot is very much beta right now so bugs may (will) be encountered.

It is currently not recursive so it will not notify you of comments to comments of objects you have subscribed to.

Also the bot does not have a lot of karma right now so it’s currently rate limited. So please feel free to upvote the bot to help us out!

Finally, if there is enough interest we may add additional functionality like getting alerted to keywords you set or maybe even reminders.

This bot piggybacks on our own platform’s data pipeline so it doesn’t suffer from the lag that other bots may have that are using other data sources.