Using Notifier, the Reddit Keyword Notification Tool, to Build Your Brand

Why Reddit?

Reddit is totally different from the other popular social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. It isn’t that visually appealing. It is more like a massive forum with lots of communities, discussing almost all possible topics. But, that’s what makes it more relevant for information seekers and business owners. 

Unlike Instagram and Facebook, Reddit users aren’t busy making friends or sharing their vacation pics with their friend circle. Rather, they use this social media platform for serious discussions. Reddit users are always looking for authentic, first-hand information. They like to share their genuine feedback, discuss topics that truly matter, and ask for genuine suggestions and ideas. That’s why Reddit comments are more relevant and trustworthy than others. More than 80% Gen Z Reddit users have stated that they trust the information on this website more than others. 

There are high chances your customers and prospects too are on Reddit. Probably they are talking about you, your competitors, your industry in general, and the latest trends in the industry you cater to. So, you must keep a track of your Reddit mentions. 

But, tracking Reddit conversations can be tricky without tools. You can’t really track millions of communities and billions of conversations to filter out the relevant ones. Thankfully, Reddit keyword notification tools such as ‘Notifier for Reddit’ can make this much easier. 

Let’s look at how you can use this Reddit keyword notifier tool to build your brand and grow your business: 

Join conversations happening around your brand 

Notifier for Reddit can help you track your brand’s mentions on this social media platform (and others too). It will alert you whenever there is any discussion directly related to you. You can then quickly join those conversations. If someone is asking a question about your product or services, you can reply to him. If people are complaining about you, act immediately and address the issue before it gets exaggerated. If people are appreciating a specific effort of yours, thank them! 

You need to act when the conversation is hot and active; not later when most people have already participated in the topic and have got bored of it. This is where Reddit keyword notifier can help you. Based on your preferences, it can notify you as and when your brand is mentioned or it can send you a daily report of your brand’s mention. 

In short, Reddit keyword notifier tool helps you identify who is talking about you, when you are being discussed, and what is being said. You can listen and talk to your customers as and when you feel the need. When you interact with your customers, they feel valued. They start perceiving you as a customer-friendly business. 

Join conversations happening about your industry 

You can use Reddit keyword notifier to get alerts about keywords and hashtags that matter the most to your business. Whenever a discussion happens around them, the tool will notify you, so you can quickly join those talks and, if required, promote your business. This is especially important for new or small businesses that are yet to build their brand name. 

Say, you are into real estate. People may be talking about property prices in top cities or may be asking if the prices are going to increase or fall. They may be asking about the legal process of buying a property in a specific city or state or country. Notifier for Reddit can alert you about such discussions. 

When you participate in those social talks, you get more visibility. People start seeing you as a friendly business with a modern approach. Soon, they will start trusting you and seeing you as an authoritative brand and an industry leader. 

Get more customers

By participating in industry-related discussions, you will be able to attract the attention of potential buyers. Moreover, if someone is directly asking for recommendations about the products or services that you offer, you can pitch yourself. Prompt responses from sellers often attract the attention of prospects.

Track your competitors’ strategies 

Competitor analysis is indispensable for any business. You must analyze what your competitor is doing on social media and how it is benefiting them. If it is working for them, it may work for you too. If it isn’t working for them, you must evaluate what mistakes they are making, so you don’t repeat them. 

Reddit keyword notifier can help you with this. You can set alerts for your competitors’ mentions and keep tracking what their customers are saying about them. You can always get ideas from your competitors’ social media strategies and incorporate them into yours. 

Track your competitors’ unhappy customers and pitch yourself 

You need to be careful and creative while doing this. Remember that your competitors may also be tracking your unhappy buyers and looking at opportunities to take them away from you. 

So, on one hand, you can use Reddit keyword notifier to track and address all the negative comments from your buyers and ensure that they stay with you. On the other hand, you can use it to track your competitors’ unhappy customers and introduce them to your business. You can explain why you are better and maybe offer them some discounts or deals. 

When prospects see you as a committed, responsive, customer-friendly company, they will feel more confident in doing business with you. 

Build your own data analysis model 

Other than responding to all the keywords, hashtags, and mentions on social media platforms, you can use Reddit keyword notifier to collect data that you may use in any way you want. You may use it to create a better social media strategy. You may use it to decide how much money and manpower you should be investing in social media. You may use it to identify issues about your products or services and compare them with your competitors year on year. There are endless ways to use the collected data for improving your business. You just need some creativity and visualization skills. 

Notifier, the Reddit keyword notification tool, is pretty easy to use. You don’t need to be too tech-savvy for using it. Other than keeping everything organized in its dashboard, it alerts you via email or webhook within minutes, so you can quickly and easily jump into action (if needed). 

We recommend Notifier, the Reddit keyword notification tool for every business, no matter how small or big it is.

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