Using Notifier for Reddit to Manage Your Company’s Brand on Reddit

Reddit is one of the top 5 most visited sites on the internet and the most popular social media site behind Facebook!

If you are not using Reddit to promote and manage your Company’s Brand, then you are definitely missing out!

Don’t take our word for it just how important marketing yourself on Reddit is!

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An Example

As an example, let’s say our company is named “Verizon”.

I wonder what things people could be saying about Verizon on Reddit? How about this post.


Here’s a customer who in the first line of this post says:

“I’ve grown tired of paying Verizon’s outrageous prices when I know there’s a better option”.

If Verizon were smart and had signed up for Notifier for Reddit, they could instantly respond to the customer and address his needs with something like:

“Hello, Mr. Reddit Verizon Customer, we are sorry that are prices are driving you away. We recommend doing X to cut your wireless costs. Also please keep in mind that the coverage you get from cheaper carriers does not compare to level of coverage you get from us”.

This would make Verizon look modern and responsive to customer needs.

Other companies are already using Reddit to manage their Brand.

Wondering if any other companies are managing their Brands on Reddit? Let’s go back to the post from before and see if we have any comments…


Wow! It looks like Ting knows the importance of Brand Management and has their own Social Response Team!

You need to know what people are saying about your brand on Reddit

The simple fact is that you NEED to KNOW what people are saying about your brand on Reddit! You could do this manually by constantly searching for your company name on Reddit. Or you can do things the easy way and let us search Reddit for you!

Let us search Reddit for you

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More features coming soon

We have a whole list of features we are rolling out soon:

  • Regex Suppport
  • Results Dashboard where you can view your past results on the website. Currently, they are emailed to you instantly or as a Daily Summary Email.
  • PushBullet Integration so you can get alerts on all of your devices.

More Questions?

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