Update: We Can Now Send Alerts to a Different Email

We can now send alerts to a different email other than your account email

The frontend for this is not finished yet but will likely be done in the next few days. Until that’s done you all can reach out to us via email and we can manually add the new email to use for alerts to your account. 

We will also need you to send us an email from that account so we can verify you have access to it.

Once the UI is done would love you all to check it out and give your feedback.  Will keep you posted.

The Re-Poster?

We are also looking for ideas for a good name for what I am calling our “Re-Poster” right now. Essentially its a new service where you can define the “Source” channel to listen for content on. 

That could be Twitter, Reddit, an RSS feed, or something else we haven’t thought of yet. 

When it detects new content on that channel it distributes it to ALL of your other channels you define: Facebook Page, Reddit, Twitter, whatever.

All Images would be properly formatted and everything will be adjusted depending on the rules for that network.  We could even apply more complex logic and only take action on certain conditions, etc. For example: if the source channel has the text “New Post:” in it.

So yeah, let us know what you think a good name for this feature could be.