Update: The Front End for Changing the Email Alerts Are Sent to Is Live

You can see an image here of how it looks now:

We would love for you all to visit the page at: https://notifier.so/send_to_email/.

Or by going to the proper link in the menu:

This is not a huge feature but we want to start doing more Community Driven Development

Now, obviously this is not a huge feature but we wanted to start doing more community driven development and getting your feedback early on in the process of us developing new features and functionality.

We are going to be doing a lot more mock ups in production and adding features into production that may not be quite ready, but that we need your feedback on!

So, please feel free to check out the page and let us know what things you think we should change?

Finally and perhaps more importantly please stay tuned to give your feedback on more features coming soon!