Update: Alert Emails Can Now Be Changed

You can now change the emails we send alerts to. We just need you to confirm the email beforehand. Mainly because we love you, but we don’t trust you.

You can get to this feature by going to Profile->Alerts Email

This feature is not extensively tested

It seems to work. It’s a simple feature. But feel free to get in there and break things.

What’s next?

We are working on a lot of little improvements.

One thing though is that the exclude strings feature almost done. This will allow you to further filter and ensure that the alerts you are getting are most relevant to you.

We also are working on the MVP of our Link Monitoring feature.

We need your feedback!

Keep the feedback coming! We are a small team so it’s not like we can afford to give away jackets, Amazon gift cards, or whatever Enterprise SaaSs are using these days to get your sweet, sweet feedback.

What I can do though is send you some pics of my dog. So, everyone who gives feedback will get a 100% unique picture of whatever he is doing at that time.

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