TrackReddit is Gone, but Notifier is Still a Better Alternative!

Note: Forgot to post this three months ago but I figured I would go ahead and push it out to help anyone out there who may be searching for The Best TrackReddit Alternative!

We found out recently that an old competitor of ours TrackReddit is no longer around after being a value Reddit Keyword Searching tool for users for years. 

What happened to it?

Well, no one knows. I heard about it from a Reddit comment while I was on a plane. Whoever created it coded it in PHP so I can’t believe their mental state was very healthy to begin with. 🤣

Sorry, a little programming language rivalry humor. 

Luckily we coded Notifier in the Old DOS batch (.bat) files language for ultimate obfuscation.

My philosophy is if I can’t read my code then I don’t need to worry about it.  So you can definitely trust my mental state. 

No, but seriously we are sad to see Track Reddit go and I’m sure the person who created is on to other projects!

In the meantime though we are here to serve you! We are still running strong and welcome all former Track Reddit users!

We have a free plan coming up soon so shoot us an email to let us know you are interested. 

Advantages Notifier has over TrackReddit:

  • Faster 
  • More advanced filtering and searching options
  • Regex Support (need I say more?)
  • We create a lot of Amazing Memes
  • More reliable
  • We will soon support many more platforms
  • Not written in PHP
  • Better Pricing
  • Truly free tier coming soon
  • Mobile friendly design
  • We have a Head of Customer Relations (see Image Below)

For More Information on what we are rolling out next check out our Product Road Map!

Looking to try out Notifier or find out more information!? Check out our short demo and then click on one of the buttons below:

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