TrackReddit is Gone, but Notifier is Still the Best Alternative!

We found out recently that an old competitor of ours TrackReddit is no longer around after being a valued Reddit Keyword Searching tool for users for years. 

TrackReddit landing page

What happened to TrackReddit?

What happened to TrackReddit?

That is currently unknown but sometime in mid to late 2020 the site just went completely down!

What can I do now that TrackReddit is gone?

Wondering what you can do now that TrackReddit is gone?

Well, luckily for you Notifier is here to help you out!

We are a fantastic TrackReddit Alternative. And plot twist, we support much more than just Reddit! With support for the entire internet coming soon!

Who made TrackReddit and who made this Notifier you speak of?

Well, we really don’t know how made TrackReddit. Which is never a good sign for a product. You want a product made by someone who isn’t afraid to show their face!

Notifier was made by a small distributed Team based out of Austin, Texas! We originally called it Notifier for Reddit but then had to change the name when we started adding more platforms. And our founders are all easily accessible on Twitter.

You can find Timothy Bramlett our Co-Founder, CTO, and aspiring meme-maker on Twitter.

Is TrackReddit likely to come back?

Well, unfortunately it certainly seems like TrackReddit is gone for good! It is a bit strange to me because normally what happens is that the developer keeps the site working and then puts it up for sell on one of the platforms specifically for this type of thing.

Instead though, TrackReddit is just down and it seems like it is up for auction on GoDaddy auctions:

So, with this in mind it certainly doesn’t seem like whoever made and owns TrackReddit has any intention of ever bringing it back!

How do I get started using Notifier as a TrackReddit alternative?

Relax, we are here to help you get over your TrackReddit blues!

Don’t worry, we are going to take you step by step through it:

1. Register a completely free account by visiting here:

This is the first step to using Notifier as the ultimate TrackReddit alternative.

2. Please also tell us how you heard about us! Yes it is very valuable for us to know! 🙂

We would love to know if you found us from this TrackReddit article.

3. Confirm you email address (if you did not use Social Login). Yes, believe it or not we do need to make sure that you are the owner of your email address and in order to do that you need to click on the link we sent you.

Please remember to confirm your email address in order to start using Notifier as the ultimate TrackReddit alternative.

4. Choose one of our paid plans or continue with our free plan if you just want to create Searchers that are limited to certain subreddits:

5. Click Add a Searcher

6. Select the Free Reddit Searcher

Also be sure to look at all these fantastic other platforms that we support if you pick one of our paid plans. And we have a lot more coming!

We support so many more platforms than TrackReddit ever hoped to support

7. Choose how and when you want us to alert you.

If you are not sure we suggest email and choosing to be alerted daily of your results unless you are doing something time sensitive where you need to monitor and get alerted instantly.

8. Choose your keywords

Remember, we are always around to help you validate that you’re searching for what you think you are searching for and all you have to do is click the checkbox that says “I want a human to validate my searcher”.

We offer a lot better support than TrackReddit ever did! And we support free and paid users just the same!

9. Choose what subreddits you want to search in:

For the free plan you must select a Subreddit or a list of Subreddits that you want to search for your keyword in.

This is actually less taxing on our system and helps us keep the free plan free.

Here is an example of searching in only one Subreddit:

Here is an example of searching multiple:

10. Sit back and wait for the results to pour in to your email or our interactive results dashboard!

A special deal for all former TrackReddit Users!

We have decided to offer a special deal for all former TrackReddit users who would like to try out Notifier!

Simply send us an email and mention that you saw this article and we will hook you up with a 50% off discount on your subscription!

Interested? Email me at [email protected]!

Advantages Notifier has over TrackReddit:

  • Support for all the platforms listed here.
  • Free forever plan for Redditors who are looking to only get Notified of keywords in certain subreddits.
  • Faster 
  • More advanced filtering and searching options
  • Regex Support
  • More reliable
  • More Affordable Pricing
  • Truly free tier coming soon
  • Mobile friendly design
  • We have a Head of Customer Relations (see Image Below)

For More Information on what we are rolling out next check out our Product Road Map!

Get Notified when keywords you care about are mentioned on Reddit, Twitter and so much more!

How Notifier helps you become the Hero!