Top 10 Most Popular SubReddits by Comment Counts on Reddit in the last 24 hours

With over 199 million post a year, it’s a tough to get rank on top. Competition is hard but following are top 10 most popular post in December 21th, 2020. 

Using Notifier for Reddit Tool, we collected the most popular post in December 2020.

1 –Reddit POE (r/pathofexile)
The Reddit POE went viral in December 21st. POE subreddit is focused on Path of Exile gaming. Allow gamers to communicate about what they enjoy the most. This subreddit was created in 2011. If you are a path of exile lover, you should check this community out.

2- OSRS Reddit (Old School RuneScape!)
r/2007scape is the community in reddit dedicated to legacy version of RS, the largest free-to-play MMORPG. Each day, there are hundreds of post here. Today it went viral!

3- Reddit NFL
r/NFL is a dedicated subreddit to national football league discussions. around the world there are many NFL lovers that this subreddit help them to connect and talk about NFL.

4- Feh Reddit (Fire Emblem Heroes )
r/FireEmblemHeroes is a dedicated subreddit to ire Emblem Heroes, Nintendo’s. Very fun subreddit to check. Sometimes, like today maybe there is a viral post with alot of attentions from community.

5- askreddit
r/askreddit is one of the most popular subreddit. This subreddit was created around 2008. You can ask your question on any topics and get help or answer on them. It’s pretty fun when you get hundreds of responds. Some questions are about life hack and some are more on fun side.

6-  Next Fucking Level
r/nextfuckinglevel is literally a next fucking level! you can find posts, images, videos and etc. that are in the next level! today it was a blooming subreddit today.

7- dankmemes

8- PC Master Race
r/pcmasterrace is a community that promotes latest games and working platform. there are bunch of exciting comments on latest technology and games. This subreddit went viral today by huge number of comments that got drawn to.

9- No such thing as stupid questions (r/NoStupidQuestions)
If you have any questions, ask here. There is no such a thing as stupid questions. nobody going to laugh or even judge you. This is a safe community. Do not be scared or ashamed to ask your question here.

10- Today I Learned (TIL)
r/todayilearned has always new and interesting post that you did not know! The subreddit community share what they learned in TIL. Today it managed to get one of top comments in reddit. Definitely, worth checking out.

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